Are 8% of all children born in the United States born by Illegals?

According to a March 2009 Census study, it is true.


With information like this in mind, how many people support amending the 14th Amendment to exclude automatic birth rights to children born to people ILLEGALLY on US soil???

The news said this morning that 3 out of 4 babies born were born to illegals.

For every 1 American baby we get 3 welfare babies.
What are we becoming?

I will try to find the link

It has not posted yet. I did find this.

About 340,000 of the 4.3 million babies born in the United States in 2008 — or 8 percent — had at least one parent who was an illegal immigrant, according to a study published Wednesday by the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research group in Washington.


I don’t. 8% is substantial, but hardly big enough of an issue to scrap something this important. Huckabee put it rather well when he said that giving these kids a chance to grow up in a country where they can excell and really benefit our country seems worthwhile to me. The number of kids is basically the only problem, though a lot of people talk about how they can get their parents citizenship too (after they’ve turned 21 and their parents have gone through a 10 year legal process), but that’s hardly the main issue here.

The other part of 14th Amendment is about equal protection.
If you want to deport all children who were born in the US and had one or two parents that were here illegally then the concept of equal protection would require that the US government closely examine the family histories of all living Americans and deport everybody who has an illegal alien as a parent , grandparent , great grandparent ,great great grandparent , great great great parent.
Since my grandfather was an illegal alien when my father was born in NYC in 1922 I guess that I have to leave the country of my birth.
Are you staying or will you be leaving to ?

I find that difficult to believe, since less than 3% of US residents are illegal, they would have to have more than twice the number of children. But I suppose that if all the young white people in this country are busy watching TV and playing on the Internet, it is possible.

No one is going to alter the 14th Amendment. We do not have a hereditary nobility and do not punish babies for their parentage. You are just going to have to have more children (god help us) or your grandchildren will need to learn Spanish.

Unfortunately, yes.

People oppose a proper interpretation of the 14th Amendment because they hate America.

Last night I saw this on the news and wasn’t that surprised by the numbers.I fully support changing the 14 Amendment and not sure what our politicians in Washington are waiting for.

unlawful immigration reasons many problems it incredibly is for advantageous. it incredibly is an undeniable certainty. Given your estimate of 20 million illegals enable’s proceed from there. enable’s say even a million/3 of them are preserving jobs. it incredibly is notably much 7 million human beings interior the artwork tension. Contributing to the tax base and so on. that should flow away 7 million activity vacancies. could our united states of america have the means to look after that many leaving the artwork tension? in all possibility no longer. could individuals step into those jobs for the pay presented? in all possibility no longer. companies base line is income. could they strengthen wages to get individuals to artwork those jobs? in all possibility no longer. greater companies could start to outsource. consequently leaving many individuals out of jobs that now carry jobs. Our finished united states of america could cave in and the entire melancholy could appear like a cakewalk. As i’ve got pronounced unlawful immigration is incorrect and desires to renounce. yet we additionally could be life like on deporting as you’re saying 20 million human beings. have confidence me…it shouldn’t take place for quite a few reasons. So we could flow forward and picture of life like user-friendly a thank you to handle the situation to hand and additionally insure the unlawful difficulty is stemmed interior the destiny. greater suitable border protection and visa structures could be dealt with first and maximum suitable so the situation does not progressively worsen. as quickly as the bypass is stopped we can then artwork on what to do with those already right here.

I do not support amending the 14th Amendment.

Conservatives absolutely love the Constitution, until one of its pesky Amendments happens to get in the way of their ability to hate.

So, you’d rather kill babies than allow them to escape lives of poverty and oppression in their home countries?

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