why is every1 disrespecting black history month?

why is every1 being so negative about black history month??…1 of the reasons we celebrate it is becuz african americans wer opressed for years and judged by other races for no reason but we stil overcame that struggle and made many acheivments and invented many things we wuld be nowhere 2day without them…wel also celebrate black history month 2 celebrate our culture..i wuld not hav a problem with other races having a history month becuz i believe every race shuld be treated equally…so every1 stop complaing about how u dont hav a history month and start working on getting 1 for ur race…also i wuld want 2 add y cant u people let african americans hav at least one month 2 celebrate our history and acheivments?…a bunch of holidays in the usa today are originally white holidays…so please let african americans hav at least one month 2 celebrate our history and acheivments and coulture

You’re correct people are very much against Black History Month. That’s because its a reminder of just how important we are to this country. If not for us what would America be. We taught them what humanity was when we challenged their definition of us. Our ancestors built this country and we are the most imitated race. If not for black inventions, trends, intelligence, labor, defiance, and identity what would this country be like? After all our civil rights movement granted rights to us in addition to other minorities such as Asians, Hispanics, and many others. So, why do we deserve a month-because this country refuses to recognize our contributions the other 11 months of the year. Oh and in order to answer a question you might want to first ask why not. So, if Asians, Jews (I’m half Jewish BTW), and other races want months celebrating their accomplishments then perhaps they too should fight for them. Oh wait our civil rights struggle was their fight. Thank you for asking this question. Be sure to check out Tavis Smiley’s STATE OF BLACK AMERICA ON C-SPAN young man. Happy Black History Month!

The reason you have a black history month and a ‘MiLK’ day is the same reason that the US government would not let evidence that would have shown, without a doubt that O.J. Simpson killed those white people, into the court room. The government could not let O.J. be convicted because the blacks would have rioted and burned down half the US and the whites would have become victims of racial violence. The US government could not allow that to happen. So it is all done just to keep the blacks in line as much as possible. Yeah, we really screwed up by bringing blacks here in the first place, now we are paying the price. And we are sick and tired of you blacks wanting ANY form of special treatment, especially when we feed clothe and house most of you, by way of Uncle Sam. In addition to your MiLK day and your black history month you should petetion the US government to create a ‘Thank the White Man Day’ for bringing your people out of the stone age, which is where you would still be, and some still are. Celebrate it in private and don’t keep throwing this ‘oppressed people’ crap up in my face.

Personally, I’ve absolutely nothing against black people or any race. I am technically &quot:white&quot: though I don’t think of myself as such.

Ever since it was first introduced to me in public school, black history month always seemed so forced and artificial. Memorials like Martin Luther King Day I understand, but black history month seems an exercise in political correctness. It’s devoid of real meaning.

Where is the Asian month? Do white people have a month? How about Pacific Islanders? Isn’t this all a little silly? Let’s just plain respect one another.

Not to mention white people get annoyed at the constant implication that black history is our fault, even though most of us didn’t have much to do with it. ‘White’ isn’t even really a race, but contains many ethnic groups. My ancestors were Irish and Italian immigrants who also got turned away from jobs or paid less because of their race and religion. The signs back then said &quot:WASPs only&quot: (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant).The KKK first gained power because they attacked the immigrants. My grandmother told me stories about being bullied in school and called an n—- lover because their family had their black neighbors over and the children would play together (mind, this was the 1930s).

Should people be respectful of one another? I say yes. But spare me the political correctness.

First of all….learn how to spell. You &quot:dissin&quot: booker t. washington or frederick douglas by acting illeratite does not make their sacrafice for you to become successful all that meaningful. And why is everyone &quot:dissin&quot: black history month? Well, for one, most blacks dont even know one black man that contributed anything to society, except martin luther king, occasionally you will hear Malcolm X, but he was the biggest racest of the 60’s. Its your BLACK people that re dissin black history month, not white people. And why do u refer to yourselfs as african Americans? When was the last time you were in africa? Were your parents african? No your black americans, or americans, most people can tell from skin type what your heritage is, and there is no need for &quot:titles&quot: before american. If you want to go back to africa go ahead, and use the rights you think you have over there, and see what happens. You should be grateful you live in america, and should be striving to be successful like other successful black men have. get a GED, and stop blaming white people.,…WERE SOOOOO SICK OF IT!


Its so funny how your talking about black history month….because you CLEARLY need a history lesson on black people…..

Did you know that YOUR OWN BLACK PEOPLE from tribes were BOUGHT and SOLD by your OWN BLACK PEOPLE! On the ivory coast of africa, tribes sold Black Africans to European men for gold and goods. AND SLAVERY IS STILL GOING ON IN AFRICA! U should be thankful slavery went on here otherwise youd be livin in the jungle chasin zebras or wating for a hand out from UNICEF like most over there right now. If you think the struggle is so hard right now for BLACK people DO something about it! Why is it that i always hear about how hard it is,….whine whine whine….. Life sucks, plain and simple, u work hard to get what you want, those are winners…. Losers complain and make excuses, and it seems like most blacks do just that, not all but most….. Learn your history &quot:brotha&quot: …. Also did u ever wonder why america gave &quot:black hisotry month&quot: the shortest month of the year? Must be a conspiracy towards the black man 🙂

I dont disrespect it but it feels to me like its always black history month for some reason!! Like thats all i ever hear about and i’m sorry but there are other ethnicities in this country too but you dont see an irish history month, or a british history months, or chinese history month so why should we really care. I’m hispanic and there is a hispanic history month but i could ******* care less about it and if people are or arent disrespecting it!! Just grow up already and let go of that whole &quot: we were oppresed&quot: crap its getting old and annoying!!! I’m not racist but damn I’m tired of hearing &quot:oh the white man is holding us down&quot: and all that **** because only you have the power to hold yourself down!!!

I spit on black history month. Not because I dont like black people which isnt the case. I just dont think you need a month where the message for a whole month is &quot: And black people are better then you becasue ….&quot: How would you feel if there was a White history month ????? Where everyday you get a pile of **** shoved in your face saying &quot: white people are better then you becasue…&quot: trust me im glad that you guys are treated as equals now but I just dont think we need to be reminded of something that we didnt do, Im speaking for us white people who werent born in the 1800’s and enslaved you. Its llike me as a white person holding a grudge against the Moors who invaded Europe and enslaved the white people they conqured. What ??should I ask them for reporations???

it’s the white baloney’s on here who complain about it i don’t want to sit in class and learn about more destruction the white people has done i’m glad there’s a black history month and glad to learn about it i find it interesting than any other history i’ve ever learned

Because it is racist at the core. You have an opportunity in this country. You should use it while it is still available. If you are hung up on being black-go to Africa and see what opportunities you have there. You will change you mind real quick.

Misinformation, causes misunderstanding, causes frustration which feeds into the hate.

Fine have your racist against white people made up bs holidays but don’t push your bullshit on my kids who have to go to school during &quot:black history month&quot: you shouldn’t get special treatment. you don’t see the jewish people asking for a jewish history month or us as AMERICANS asking for a particular month. Get over it it was forever ago.

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