Why do Christians believe you cannot be gay, but the rest of the old testament rules don’t apply?

Note that so many of the &quot:Christians&quot: replying here do not even know about the many Laws put down in the Old Testament, nor specifically the Holiness Code Of Leviticus.

Furthermore, they ONLY follow those &quot:rules&quot: they like to follow. They remainder they throw away.

Anyone who says they ‘follow the Bible&quot: is LYING or is IGNORANT. It is literally impossible to &quot:follow the entire Bible&quot: simply because there are so many contradictory precepts in it.

Christians — ALL Christians — only pick and choose those verses which validate their views.

Inconvenient verses, they no longer hold to. Like the ones espousing and sanctioning slavery, or women being be under the authority of men.

And FIREBALL: You wrote: &quot:wrong we said the commandments should still be used and one of them is no fornication or adultery..&quot:

Again you are showing the typical ignorance of too many Christians who do not even know their own Bible. First of all there are 4 different versions of the commandments in the Bible. (None of them by the way condemn homosexual acts). In fact, NONE of them speak about &quot:fornication.&quot: And at the time written, adultery was more about property and not at all directly about sex. In fact adultery could only be committed against the man. A married man could not have sex with another married woman. ONLY then was he committing adultery and then against that woman’s husband. IF he were to have sex say with a slave, no one would care.

I get so aggravated when most of the respondents here, all supposedly &quot:good Christians&quot: know so very little about their own Bible. Yet are so ready to condemn anyone who believes differently than they do, or interprets the Bible differently. Most Christians are a bunch of brainwashed irrational people only concerned about themselves and their self-serving religion. They truly care little for other people especially those who would disagree with them about religion.

Too bad they seemingly so openly disregard Christ when he enjoined all people to actually &quot:love their neighbor as themselves.&quot:

IF they wish to have others &quot:respect’ their religious beliefs, then they MUST also respect the religious beliefs of those who believe differently. And please stop being so arrogant to think that YOUR beliefs could not possibly be wrong.

1. Many of the laws in the OT were put in place for a nomadic people. I can guarantee you that even Ultra-Orthodox Jews do not walk out of town with a trowel whenever they have to poop (Deut. 23:12-13).

2. The laws of sacrifice were fulfilled by Jesus’ death and resurrection, which also renders unnecessary the kosher laws (although they are still a good idea, as the kosher diet is one of the healthiest in the world).

3. The religious leaders of first-century Israel majored on the minors. They got so legalistic that curing this legalism required declaring some of the Torah’s minor laws obsolete (see Galatians).

4. The laws regarding legal conduct are still in effect. They were never negated, and they still form the foundation for justice systems all over the western world, including America.

5. All the Torah’s laws regarding sexual purity were reiterated multiple times in the NT by both Jesus and the apostles. Therefore we must still follow them.

Oh no, actually the big issue is marriage of gay couples. With a due respect to all people, Marriage is a coming of a women and a man to make love and produce a family. People want to marry people in the same sex under the church but marriage is for a women and a man to produce a family naturally. If you can’t produce family because you are both the same sex marriage is not applied to you. But every thing else is applied to all people no matter what. well, that how I was teached in my Roman Catholic believes which are also Christian.

First it is also condemned in the new Testament Romans 1:26-27. Second the Ten Commandments are in the Old Testament and they still do apply. The ones that do not apply were never God’s law but Jewish law.

which old testament rules are you speaking of? the ones that say a man is not supposed to have sex with his animals or that he is not supposed to sleep with his mother or his sister or the ones that say that a person is not allowed to murder another person or to steal from them or to desire his neighbor’s wife?

christians do believe in the rest of the rules.

Who said anything about OLD testament rules? This sin is rebuked even in the New Testament! In fact, it is referred to as a curse from God for worshiping the creation rather than the Creator, and it is either the cause of, or it is caused by a debase or reprobate mind! (Yes, this is NEW Testament!)

There is no genetic or biological proof that people are born to be gay… nor artists, nor musicians… it’s a combination of being nurtured towards it and then making the choice to act on it.

they talk about Sexual abominations in the new testament also!! Its not Old testament doesn’t apply it is when Jesus died for us he changed the whole thing because of the Holy Spirit.

All desires can be controlled, that is why we have courts and judges and punishment if you do not control yourself. Sex is a desire and can be controlled. Turn ons can be controlled, just as turn offs.

The Old Testament was for the Israelites only. Jesus said that from the beginning God made sex for the man and his wife only and all sexual impurity comes from the heart (choice).

Wait wait wait!!!!!

We Christians don’t believe someone can be gay?!?!

I guess you know us better than we know ourselves.

Oh yes, the other rules don’t apply. Murder, rape, theft, etc. Yep, they don’t apply.

This section gets worse every day.

P.S. There’s this guy named Paul who wrote many books in the New Testament. You guys usually hate him for being against homosexual sexual relations. Homosexual sex isn’t just an OT subject.

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