who do you think is awesomer dwayne wade or kobe or lebron or dwight howard or CP3?

dwayne wade or kobe or lebron or dwight howard or CP3

dwight howard. he’s a beast.

Kobe, Wade, Lebron, CP3 – you can’t really put Dwight howard in it because he plays a completely different position as the other guys, you can compare him to the bigger players such as shaq, garnett, brand etc.

Kobe: Clutchest player in the league, 4 rings, and counting. Lead the Lakers with 9 consecutive 40pt games in 05, only player since Jordan. Also, 35+ppg most since Jordan averaged 38+ in the late 80’s. All defensive team 9 times. The list goes on. He the best. Most fundamental shooting guard of all time, both Phil Jackson and Jordan said it themself.

Wade – Just a monster….I have him over LeBron cause he not only has a RING he lead the heat with insane playoff performances and got MVP of finals.

LeBron – is the beast of the league and he has a lot of **** to do, most importantly, win a ring to up his rank.

CP3 – best point guard in the league….but not mess’n with these guys ^^^

In Order:

Chris Paul

Who I think is Awesomer, it’s Dwyane Wade, but the best in order:

In Order:
im not gonna answer the rest because CP3 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! and Dwight Howard is retarded, has a temper problem and is CONCEITED!!

is that supposed to be a joke, of course Lebron is &quot:awesomer&quot: than any of these cats

he is the one they call the KING, right

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