Teens: What is your stance on gay marriage? +BQ?

I’m straight, but I firmly believe that as the future of this world we need to take interest in all the issues surrounding us, not just the ones that affect us directly. I’ve always supported gay marriage but I used to be opposed to homosexual couples adopting. But then I met one of the nicest, loveliest, greatest, people in my life – my now best friend. He’s gay, and in an eight year commited relationship. How dare people tell them their love is unnatural, or that they have no right to marry their soul mate, or that they cannot raise children as well as as heterosexual couple. I’m even more convinced that love is blind to gender, and the day I watch him marry will be the proudest of my life. Interracial marriage was once illegal, so we can also change the laws on gay marriage.

What are your opinions?

BQ: What cause (if any) do you feel very strongly about?

My views on same-sex marriage are the same as my views on straight marriage.

Everyone deserves the right to marry, regardless of their sexual orientation.

I’m thankful to live in Canada, where it’s legal.

BQ: I’m an animal rights person 🙂

Even though I’m straight, I support it 100%! How dare people people think they can control love. It’s like, does it affect you? No? Good, then stfu. (By you, I meant people against it. Not literally you, haha). I hate the relgious people that go &quot:It’s a against God&quot:. Hmm, I thought the bible said love everybody. But if God exists and really feels like that then, then he’s not so great. My friend went to a Catholic school for a bit and all the teachers talked about was how gay people would go to hell. The students called gay people disgusting. What’s disgusting is the hate. If 2 men or 2 women wanna get married, that’s cool. Doesn’t affect anyone else.

BQ: Gay rights. My cousin is gay and people used to give him crap over it, so now I get very offended when people say anything bad about it.

I’m 150% for gay marriage. I don’t get it, why do people think they have the right to determine how someone should love? I’m bi and mostly attracted to girls and I’m like any other 14 year old girl. I want to grow up, get married, and have a family. Someone once told me that I should kill myself because what I am feeling is unnatural, wrong, and the world doesn’t want me. For a second, I actually believed that. Then I realized, who is anyone to tell me who I can and cannot love. Someday I hope that gay marriage will just be looked at as just marriage. Who is the government to say that two people of the same gender cannot marry?

I don’t think a child’s sexual orientation has anything to do with his/hers parents. When I was little I was best friends with a kid who has two moms. I never thought anything of it. I knew it wasn’t wrong because his parents were like all the other parents at my kindergarten. They came to events, the graduation, parents day.

I really don’t understand why people sit on their high horse and say gay marriage is wrong. If I wanted to, I could think of reasons why straight marriage is wrong. I could say that straight marriages are sexist and teaches their children to know where each gender role is in life.

A love is a love, a marriage is a marriage, and families are families. Don’t classify them.

I can’t stand when people say it’s okay for two women to get married and two men cannot. Do you know who says this? Pervy guys who think loving another female is about sex. That infuriates me more than anything. Some pervy guys think that two women getting married is like seeing lesbian porno all the time. I really can’t stand that. To tell you the truth, I’m respectful. I’ve had crushes before and honestly thought nothing about sex. The girl who I had a crush on was beautiful.

I hope someday that people will understand gay marriage from another perspective.

I completely agree with you. People are born gay, they shouldn’t be told that they can never have a happy, normal marriage just because someone says they can’t! Everyone deserves to be happy. Also, I love gay guys! They are some of the friendliest people and it makes me sad that they have to live their lives knowing that they will never be accepted by some people. Laws can change though. I’m kind of torn on adoption rights for them. Think about it, you want gay people to be happy and have children, but what about the children? I think they’d rather live in a household with a mom and dad and not get teased. Kids are mean, they might not get it when a kid says &quot:Meet my daddy and my other daddy.&quot: See what I mean?

BQ: I feel very strongly about treating mentally challenged people fairly. Some people are cruel to people who are mentally challenged and it makes me sick. They should get fair, or even special treatment.

I am also against animal cruelty. When I hear about a poor, innocent animal being beaten for doing nothing it makes me want to cry.

very pro, i’m a gay man, raised by gay dads, and i’m gay married to my gay husband. i dont want to force any religion to do anything they dont thing is right, but america is not a theocracy and there is full freedom from religion, no laws should have any basis in the bible, the torah or the Qur’an. as for gay adoption, having two dads and being slightly embarassed about it is a much better fate than spending your first 18 years in an non loving non personal foster home or group home. im glad that my siblings and i are the biological children of one of my dads, otherwise i worry that i wouldn’t have had the sheer luck to have such wonderful parents.

gay rights are my big one, but i’m known to get behind a cause.

edit, when an abortion takes place, it is not a baby, but a zygote, a tiny bundle of cells that in all probability will abort itself, because of some non ideal conditions in the womb. abortion should be legal, if you disagree with it, then dont get one, but people will still get them done weather it’s legal or not, now should they get it done in a safe sterile environment by a trained professional, or should they get it done in a back alley with a coat hanger and a shop vac by a drug dealer, with the woman risking infection, sterility, and even death, also, i notice a lot of prolifers tend to not care about quality of life after the child is born, tell me, if the fetus you protect is gay, will you still defend it’s rights?

Did someone on here just compare a gay person with a liar or a thief? Seriously? I think if you love someone you should be able to marry them. There is no evidence that gay parents &quot:produce&quot: gay children. And so what if they did. What is wrong with being gay? Religion comes in handy for those who love to judge.

I know gay couples that are more capable to parent then many straight couples. Genitalia should not have anything to do with being able to wed and raise children. Gay marriage should be legal everywhere because there is nothing wrong with the love of two men or two women, as long as its two consenting adults there should be no questions asked. This is something i am very passionate about because i have a gay aunt and gay friends, and they deserve the right to freely express there love and get married like any other couple.

BQ: I am very passionate about almost every topic, gay marriage, abortion (pro-choice), animal abuse, victum-shaming, body-shaming, child abuse, spousal abuse, child soldiers, just about everything you can name.

i completely support it and i think its disgusting that a few people can stop it from happening. if two people are in love they should be allowed to make that commitment to each other. it should be their choice and only their choice, not the &quot:governments&quot:. our country is billions of dollars in debt, that shows how good our government is at making the right choices. i think everyone should be allowed to be happy. and there are less divorces among the gay population than there are among the straight. that should tell you something.

and i fully support their right to adopt. i think having gay parents would make it 100x’s easier for a child to come out as gay or bisexual, they would know for a fact that their parents would support them no matter what. my friends mom is gay, she has a long time girlfriend, my friend felt perfectly comfortable talking to her mom about her sexuality and experimenting. she found out that she was definitely straight, but she loved not having to feel afraid of her mom finding out.

BQ: abortion, even though im pro-choice, i think people should look more into adoption. i think to many people use abortion to get rid of a &quot:mistake&quot: or because it isnt the right time for them. i dont think people take it seriously. i mean in the end they chose to have sex, the child didnt ask to be made. but i dont hate people who have abortions, and i would never make them feel bad about it. if one of my friends asked me to go with them to the clinic as support, i wouldnt. but i would be there afterwards.
also, anything that has to do with abuse. i do hate abusers, no matter what their &quot:reasoning&quot: is.

Whats the dif between a gay human and straight human nothin they both have feelings and urges i backt them up 10000000000.9% they should be allowed their life so what if christians beleive their evil pshh god make sno mistakes? God mad those beatiful humans the same as everyone else! They deserve what the lust wants!

honestly i am against gay marriage. it is against my religion and really, i just don’t believe in it. you asked for my opinion, and there it is. i am not one of those freaks who hate all gay people, not at all. i just don’t believe in gay marriage.

BQ: not an official cause, but i believe that different political parties work together more

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