Do you believe that the war is draining our economy?


No I do not. It is a historical myth that wars, though unarguably expensive, drain the economy. While wars occur many of those dollars go INTO the American economy. It creates jobs. Most war contracts are goods made right here in the USA.

Part of what saved our butts and took us out of the Great Depression was World War II. Brush up on your history.


Of course it is. That’s what happens when you start a war for no good reason.

For a comparison, consider the German economy after both world wars…

From: wikipedia:
&quot:The outcome of the World Wars had a profound effect on the course of world history. The old European empires collapsed or were dismantled as a direct result of the wars’ crushing costs and in some cases the defeats of imperial powers.&quot:


Yes. I believe it’s true. US economy now seemingly sliding into recession. Much of the needed funds that can help revive the economy is now flowing into Iraq War campaign.
If Bush is smart ( I don’t think he is ) he must end the war. He is getting nowhere.

Although American economy seems dropped into recession, the war actually slow it down. The extreme weather did more responsibility than the war.

Since the war in middle east, terrorists have little afford to damage U.S. (at most, they managed to damage U.K. and alliance in Europe) This buy time to fix security vulnerability in U.S. soil.

In coming quarters, U.S. economy will be up again but not too much. Europe and Asia should not use U.S. as main driver in economy but set up their back up drivers. i.e. diversify their investment. Then, the situation would be stable again.

this is probable the precise opposite. Economics a hundred and one tells us that as quickly as the government runs a deficit, economic interest selections up for the reason that debt is offered…..it stimulates the markets (subsequently arising jobs, putting income peoples wallet and employing econ. interest). for this reason the be conscious &quot:conflict time economic gadget.&quot: comparable is actual here. the concern lies in the guy markets themselves, and greater then in all possibility diverse the government.intervention that has occured for the final 2 an prolonged time (by way of the two Repub and Democrat administrations). This intervention has created untrue marketplace situations that have been unsustainable, and regrettably alot of this become found out on an analogous time (mortgage markets, economic markets, oil markets, and so on.)

well definately! At 1 trillion dollars, I do believe it is! President Bush is just holding out for oil and that I believe is the only reason we are over there, 5 years later! He is a money hungry SOB!!!!!

I believe that when Obama is elected….this war will be over. There will be peace and prosperity and children can smile once again. I only hope that by the time people come to realize that Hillary will cause destruction to our nation…it isnt too late….

Don’t think so.
What has a pyramid schemes has got to do with the war?
Why don’t those create the pyramid find out where they have gone wrong?
Why pass the mess to someone else.?
Telling little children ghostly stories.
Luke 6.39-40,41-45,46-49
What do you think?

yes. war sucks. bush sucks even more. obama doesn’t have any magical powers to help us either. it is just going to suck until you vote for ron paul – he is a magical man

Of course it is. How can we sustain this fiasco. It has lasted as long as WW2 and has cost as much!

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