Do you believe Ariel Sharon Israel ex Prime Minister comment is accurate when he stated &quot:Jews control America&quot:?


Wow! Ariel Sharon said that ten years ago. I’m pretty sure he isn’t involved in politics either in Israel or the United States anymore. Seems that I remember he went into a coma and died. So, did you wake up this morning and decide to go on an anti Jew rant? The Jews don’t control America, hell the American people don’t even control American anymore. It’s been abdicated to our debt holders and the SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION and left wing nut bags. So relax. It’s all going the way you want it to go for now. Don’t get comfortable though. There’s an election coming up in about 18 months. I think things are not going to be so favorable for you after then.


can be. once I dreamt of real american president. he was a bald man. obama is just a show..there is second man and he is real president..but I have no idea if he is jew..I wasnt even permitted to see his face.

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