Why am I always craving salty food?

I often crave things like salty popcorn, potato chips, salted crackers….anything salty. I wonder why?

Craving salty foods may indicate low adrenal gland function or low thyroid function.

Salt regulates water retention in the body through the kidneys and adrenal glands. It is high in iodine, which is a mineral needed for thyroid function If you are craving salt, it may be your body asking for more iodine or potassium, or pointing to a fluid imbalance.

I do not say this is it but I found when my Thyroid quit I craved Salty foods. Looked it up &amp: it was a symptom.
Salt just like sugar is addictive.

You just prefer it to other things. I’m the same way. I can leave cookies and other sweets alone, but give me some chips and I can eat the whole bag. I also take cheese and crackers to work to eat at break. Unless you have a blood pressure problem I wouldn’t worry about it.

Your body is lacking some mineral in your diet, unless you perspire alot, large quantities of salt is not advisable.

Most likely you like the taste of it. I dont think it would be anything series. But other then that salty food will make you thirsty!

Like pretzels… These pretzels are making me thirsty!

Either you have a salt deficiency or just prefer it to sweet, that is how I am too

Your body is lacking something, try a multi-vitamin.

Your body my be lacking salt and its trying to tell you this.

if it hot and humid where you are and you sweat alot, your body needs the salt.

You’re a reincarnated fish.

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