Do you agree that losing 5 points for asking a question is rediculous?

Because without questions being asked, this website would be nothing!

Absofrigginlutely! I think the whole set up is off
You get 1 pt. thanks for visiting! whoopty doo
2pts. per answered ?
3pts. if you choose best answer
10pts. if you’re chosen as best Answer
-5 pts. to ask a ? how dumb is that.
I understand what these other posts are saying but, on the other hand it’s kinda like punishing you for asking a ? at least those of us that have legit ?? Not these repeated ??? that I saw forever re: Do you think I’m pretty? Who else likes Miley Cyrus/Jonus Brothers?? questions like these. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… If I have to take a neg. 5 for my decent ?? to filter through the above mentioned then I’ll suck it up. It’s the principle of it. It’s not about winning or not winning anything with the pts. system it’s about you may be having a day or week that there’s a lot going on and having the access to ask unlimited ? or answering them or even voting on them kind puts a damper on that plan due to the point system being flawed. I can’t ask/answer so many ??? b/c I’m only at this particular level, I have to get this many more pts. before I have that kind of access… Just my observation! thanks for allowing me to get on the band wagon on this topic.

Hello Mark S,
I think having to cost points when someone asks a question is right…The thing is some people ask questions and forget about it never bother to see what answers they have got and develop no knowledge…These questions are getting piled up in the Voting Category and it is even voted by the community..

What’s the use of giving a detailed answer and the asker never bothers to look at our answers and then it goes to vote…Its so irritating and when we give good answers hoping that the asker will be helped it’ll be of no use then..

Remember not all people do vote as Best Answers for their questions…By answering you’ll be forced to answer and think in that way so there is no deduction of points…But if you choose a best answer for your question then its only two points you lose(Same as answering but there you gain 2 points but here you lose 2 points)…Its 2 on 2 and not 5…!

Hope this Helps!!

All the Best!♥

Unfortunately, losing points for questions is the only way to keep some people from asking all questions and never giving answers. It also helps limit some of the chatty questions (Am I pretty? What’s your favorite color? etc.), that flood the site already. Plus I think they’re trying to encourage people to look through the already resolved questions before posting. I mean, how many thousands of times has the question been asked, &quot:How do I get to level 2?&quot:.

So it is unfortunate, but again, they’re only points. They don’t mean anything off this website and you can’t do anything with them. Hope this helps!

Yeah, I completely agree with that. I’ve only asked 3 questions because I hate losing 5 points. I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world. I see the same people asking the same exact question, just worded differently over and over again. IDK what they expect to get other than a whopping 20 points gone. LOL

yeah i know. i cant really figure it out. once i saw someone say that if they didnt deduct 5 points people would be asking questions way to much, and be doing a lot of less answering. i dont know how true that is, because this place already seems jampacked with questions, but yeah it seems weird to me too.
and then i mean like, we answer questions and only get 2 points? i think we deserve more!

kinda but not really. I mean the point’s don’t really mean anything your not going to win a billion dollars for having the most points

No. It keep people from asking a million stupid questions just to get themselves noticed.

yes i honesestly agree this network would be nothing with out answers the same thing happened to me

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