Can you imagine a God without Human Beings?

Imagine the universe exists just like it does today, with one exception, there are no humans. There never were any humans, there never will be. Does God still exist?

If there were no humans there would be no god. Humans created god and not vice versa.

Yeah, Definitely He Does Exist.

i believe the answer is no, because god is a human construct. we created him, much like abstract concepts which only ‘exist’ because we created them in our minds (for example two dimensional shapes only ‘exist’ in our minds)

but people continue to believe in god because the definition of god is such that it can never be disproved. Much like if i say that there is a invisible or undetectable monster under my bed no one can actually disprove it because it is invisible. But sensible people don’t believe in invisible monsters, but alas for some reason beyond my understanding some sensible people in god.

Um. No. God doesn’t exist even now with the humans.
Interesting question though.

Wow, thats deep. That’s sort of like the one, if the tree falls down in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Well, I wouldn’t be able to imagine this if I didn’t exist, would I?

Yes. He has the angels to entertain Him.

sure and YES he is exist……god greated us

Sure, He just doesn’t have to take as much aspirin lol

He did not NEED us. He made us for His purposes and pleasure

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