Straight guy watches Golden Girls?

Ok I’m straight, and I watch the golden girls. I watch it because its funny, and if it was boring I probably wouldn’t watch it. Do you think this will cause any problems in relationships? Like her questioning or anything?

I watch it a lot, and I don’t know why people have to say that only girls or gay men watch this… I’m sure other straight men watch it but again, it’s a TV Show, it’s not like I’m going to some salon, (which I don’t do) it’s just a show! I don’t watch any other shows like Golden Girls. Well I have seen a bit of The nanny but I’m not a big fan of it. Other than that I’m just a regular straight guy who wonders why society put a label on a TV show saying certain people watch it

I defy anyone to watch the ‘Golden Girls’ and not find them hilarious. To answer your question, if you’re secure with your sexuality, why should you care what anyone else thinks?

Let me tell you, if you were my boyfriend and you watched Golden Girls, I think I’d marry you.

Seriously, it is hilarious. I dare anyone to watch it and not to laugh. Trust me, I’d be grateful to find a guy who would watch Golden Girls with me. Most people get the wrong idea if they don’t watch it. Its one of those shows you have to actually watch to understand why people love it. 🙂

When did the definition of ‘gay’ become enjoying quality comedy? The Golden Girls is classic comedy, watch it and laugh.

No your awesome 🙂 I would love a guy like you :)! I love that show my mother and I watch it and we are mother and daughter we find it a classic show that can never be repeated

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Stop lying to yourself, your’re gay

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