R&S: How did homosexuality become more than just two people of the same sex being attracted to each other?

I am gay. I am attracted to men. I don’t wish to parade in people’s faces because I see no reason to, infact I despise gay pride parades with a red hot fiery passion because they give the gay community a bad reputation.

However alot of people have made homosexuality out to be more than it really is. Homosexuality is simply just one person being attracted to the same gender. That’s it. No bells and whistles included. How did it become something more in other people’s eyes? Suddenly we all dress is drag? Suddenly we’re all ‘loud’ and effeminate like that idiot Chris Crocker (who should have his computer taken from him asap)? Suddenly we all parade it in peoples faces?

Look people, I am attracted to men. That’s it. Nothing else, nothing more.

Thank you! Not gay, but one of my best friends from high school and still a good friend is gay and i still say things like ”wow, gay” without meaning to in his presence. He’s a little effeminate, but usually only when excited, normally he comes off as just another laid-back guy. No drag, no gay parades, no bells and whistles 😛
He still is outspoken and an avid supporter for his ’cause’, but he’s also quick to point out that, to him, it is NOT a lifestyle.
I agree with you that the issue is on both sides, ppl see gays like this, and gays turn themselves into this to make a statement. Obviously it doesn’t affect me the same way as you, so i’ve never been really concerned with it, but i don’t think it gives the best impression, and turns ppl off to the ’cause’.
When going for a cause, using politics in its literal sense, you have to do something to be seen. The problem arises, as with any movement, when your ‘group’ attracts and gets the outspoken nut-jobs and extremists. I see that a lot with the gay parades.

No I would say choice but with the expansive nature of homosexuality I definitely think side affects of soy products have a part in homosexuality, there is soybean something or other in everything we eat and you can’t get away from it. As the FDA/Government should regulate the use of soy as a drug since it mimics estrogen it has adverse affects on the body’s biochemical system which would and should be considered and a drug as if anyone in government actually knows how to their job without allowing themselves to be bought off, lobbied or owned. By Monsanto in this particular case. So partly the government inaction on the regulation of soy products definitely is a factor in homosexuality. &quot:Sara- If your soy theory had any merit, most of the Japanese population would be gay. And please offer citations when you make claims like that.&quot: EDIT: Welcome to Yahoo! Answers. &quot:get real answers from real people&quot: Your question bait for personal opinion answers. I gave one. EDIT: The extent to which this is being played out is what amazes me.

What’s worse is that religious people want to treat gay people like their &quot:Satan&quot: character, and try to make them responsible for the entire spectrum of human suffering, everything from mass baby burnings to athlete’s foot.

Suddenly you’re not just in love with another person. No. You are going to cause the downfall of civilization and the destruction of the entire human species because your (gulp) an &quot:abomination to god&quot:.


Oh, and I hate to rain on your (gay) parade, but I support the parades too. Why shouldn’t they be proud of who they are? It’s good for their self esteem. Besides, you cannot defeat injustice by being silent about it. Someone has to stand up to it and say &quot:no more&quot:, otherwise, it just continues…

So I have a little difference of opinion there.

Do you hate me?



Gay prides parades don’t give gay people a bad reputation. They should like being gay. They should be proud to be gay. There is not a damn thing wrong with being gay. Being gay is a good thing, not a bad thing. I love the gay pride parade. They should be proud to be themselves and they should totally celebrate who they are. If that includes going over the top, then that’s fine. It’s a free country. If a man wants to be a drag queen, let him.

It’s because people (in general) like stereotyping and hating. Yes, it does bother me that the only gay men in the media are Chris Crocker and Perez Hilton… very bad role models that do not represent what most gay people are like.

You can thank the media. They portray gay men as Flamers, and all lesbians are ten’s. And quite frankly, women are more attracted to the gay men that dress like them. They appear less threatening. I have been hoping for years that it would just be a passing trend.

I get what you are saying. No one should be nor live a stereo-type.

The rest of the world should just relax and get over it. Love is simply love. Why can’t we just celebrate that? No big deal….

I am a straight solitary wiccan who will never join a coven.. Because? I am my own person and may not wish to toll a party line for someone else..

I am me and me alone..

I have nothing against it, I just do not think its natural for the same sex to be togeather in that way. That is just my thought.
I have a gay nephew and I love him no less for that, but probably love him more for standing up for what HE believes.
He is a great, good hearted man and alot of fun to be around. [smiles]

People are ignorant. They feel that a few &quot:loud and effeminate&quot: people represent everyone else. That and it probably makes them feel good to bash others and to make homosexuality out to be more than it is- it helps them justify their own prejudice.

The worst thing is when people confuse homosexuality with pedophaelia. I’m straight and I’m offended by that.
Liberal Azzkicker…thats just embarrassing…

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