If Senator Clinton won all the BIG states needed & popular vote nationally, shouldn’t she be the nominee?

Senator Clinton carried all the major states, and there is very bad blood between the Clinton camp and the radical new Obama movement, why is Clinton not the nominee? Gallup (http://gallup.com/poll/election2008.aspx) has consistantly shown her as having the best chance at winning the average American voter (democratic). Also, with the states that allow Republicans to vote in the democratic nomination, most agree that Republicans have voted for Obama to help McCain win in the fall.

Obama’s has tremendous roadblocks to overcome such as his extreme militant church history, his wife’s radical past and theisis, and his poor voting record and extremely liberal values, etc.

President Clinton is right: Hillary is more electable than Obama, period.

How can the Democratic Party allow an inferior person to run as their nominee? Isn’t this suicide for the Democrats? The Party is splitting: Hillary and Bill will not campaign hard for a radical, non-electable Obama.

Yes. Polls show that she can beat McCain, another thing the DNC should consider…but probably won’t. They’re guaranteeing another defeat by the republicans if they select Obama.

No, because states like Nv and Calif would go to Obama.

She should be the nominee because she stands the best chance of winning the election. Period.

No. Putting another Cinton in the White House will result in the same old problems brought on with her husband. The Clinton (and Bush) dynasty must end.

You’re an idiot.

The rules were created by Clinton’s own people, and she is losing by her own rules.

If Hillary owned a baseball team, after losing the World Series, she would demand the championship based on her teams ERA.

this case is closed. She lost fair and square

Yes. Obama does not have a chance.

Yes she should!

Yes she should!

Yes she should!

(Do I sound like an Obama-rama yet?)

Hillary is the &quot:inferior person.&quot: She’s a malicious, conniving c*nt that has no soul.

Hillary has also not alienated the whites, women, and jews…

No, we don’t need another four (or maybe eight) years of scandals in the Whitehouse.

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