I believe vampires are real.?

People believe in ghost but why not vampires. They could be just as real and if they are they would not show themselves.

I believe in vampires!!! I AM a vampire! I was bitten.

there are people who love the idea of vampires and even interact in this sub culture of vampires. they have their own clubs and can purchase fangs. for a lot of these people it’s a game, something fun to do. but at 8 am you’re back at work.

i don’t belive in vampires. it actually began an extremely long time ago. when someone dies the nails and teeth look like they are growing because the skin shrinks. also some people were buried prematurely and clawed their way back from the grave. this was before chemicals and funeral homes and modern medicine. so bodies were not preserved and could view the body decaying. they didn’t know that the nails were not growing but that the skin was shrinking away.

also, it’s dangerous for humans to drink blood for obvious reasons health reasons. but even if the blood isn’t tainted it is still poisonous for people to drink. and no i don’t believe in energy vampires either

Good for you!!! It’s nice to believe in stuff!!

You’re right why would they show themselves, they would either get a lot of attention (and my bet is that their all kinda emo so they wouldn’t like that, just like ghosts) or maybe get a stake through their heart, I bet the fame crazy ones told their secret to some humans and then together they decided to start making all the vampire stuff.

Hey maybe I’m a vampire I prefer the night over the day and I like the taste of blood. (muahhahaa) =D

It’s interesting how every single person seems to see only twilight in you’re answer, it’s almost like the old day’s of ‘interview with a vampire’ never existed hmmm sad, that movie was awesome.

I believe in anything that is not proven through science and research as being false.(like Donald Trump’s Toupee). So yes, I believe in vampires, werewolves, dragons and other things that go bump in the night or so called myths. Some myths are based on some form of reality or scientific reasoning. Such as the concepts of Monsters coming in your room or from under your bed. That is actually a sleeping disorder or a lucid dream. While monsters may or may not exist.. People see what they see and sometimes it cant be explained.. Like the Mothman Prophecy movie.. It was a true story.

Meh. There could be a chance of a &quot:vampire’s&quot: existence, but I’d imagine they’d be incredibly different to the legends. For starters they’d be alive, the dead do not have a physical form capable of movement.

And yes, if they existed they’d likely hide themselves. There’s no proof for or against, so until then, believe what you will.

No one with a brain believes in either ghosts or vampires. Stop reading Twilight and do your homework.

Vampires are complete fiction. Do some research and you’ll see it all stems from old superstition. And stop watching Twilight. Those aren’t vampires, they’re homosexuals.

very true, but those people who believe in ghosts usually are a tad crazy! therefore believe in vampires… well you get the point 🙂 x

Vampires are real, I am one but nobody believes me.

ummm vampires are make believe and no one can real become one.

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