can sompobody tell me whats wrong with my computer??

i press the powerbutton, and the light that indicates that the computer is on, is on. but the computer doesnt start. i do no hear the fan or the noise that it regulary makes when i turn it on. and i do not see anything on the screen. i just see that that small light is on, thats all. when i press the power button to turn it off the light comes off and thats it. can somebody tell me whats wrong with my computer. what part of it is not working.?? is it the harddrive or anything else. i have done all those tricks about pressing f8 but it doesnt work. please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee … i hav another laptop this is where i am writing ook

i have the same problem, I turn on the computer, but no mather how long it is on, the fan keeps going and the computer screen keeps staying black, what is the operating system(windows, mac) do you use and what version?

I cant directly help you but i hope that your problem is fixed soon, since i have the exact same problem, the computer is currently doing nothing in our basement right now, waiting for the day it will be fixed, i was using windows XP with most of the latest things(at the time), I turned the computer off one day, and the next, it wouldnt turn on at all this could be some kind of virus unknown to symanec or some kind of rare windows bug.

i hope this can help with more detail about the problem.

Sounds like your Power Supply has died. They are not hard to change, but first I would check it by using a known good unit. You need not install the test PS, just connect all of the power leads to the board and hardware, and then plug it in and push the power button on your computer. If everything lights up and runs, then you will know the problem.

Power supplies are not very expensive. You should be able to find a 450 watt unit for about $40.

is this a laptop? if so, it could be the battery.. is it plugged in? how old is the system? try to unplug the power in the back out of the system and plug it back in. Sometimes power surges can cause a build up in that connection and unplugging will purge it. Hope that helps

shop on with the stairs under pass on your workstation and pass to properties by using precise Clicking pass to the Settings tab and stepped forward and interior stepped forward Troubleshooting Tab try turning the Hardware Acceleration to finished and then Restart your workstation If this does not artwork then advance your RAM or replace your Video Card each and every of the suited

ther can b 1000’s of thing.lick mother board not working etc etc.one can not ans u r Q without seeing u r lappy……………….

but as far as my knolage says that RAM is not working.if it was a motherboard fault than that light will not work.and if it was a HDD fault than it shoud get start.al list u can go in cymos

hope this will help u and sorry for spelling mistake

remove plug from light than open your cpu and remove ram and cleane with clean cloth and clean ram slot with air presure than fix ram in slot now open fan which are fit on main board and clean with air preasure and now fix it and now try i think it will work

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