Quick question regarding my American Government homework?

Below is the assignment.

After studying the 2008 Political Party Platforms of the Republicans and Democrats:
a) select two major issues upon which the party platforms take a position:
b) compare and contrast their positions on those issues. What does the Republican Party Platform say.
What does the Democratic party platform say. Summarize in your own words.
c) Issues might be the economy, immigration, health care, defense, the Iraq war, abortion,
or other issues of interest to you.

Would these 2 interests be what my teacher is asking for? I’m so lost in this class. It’s online.

Interest 1: Gay/Lesbian Marriage
Interest 2: Abortion

Anything else you can add to help me would be REALLY appreciated.

Thank you!

I think those two issues will work fine for the assigment. All you have to do is compare and contrast the viewpoints of the Democratic party and the Republican party on those two issues. Easy.

as much as I dislike the present administration and Congress, the element could be after the government has skipped over the form’s regulations concerning elections and the full bill if Rights. If this occurs interior the subsequent 2-4 years, all individuals will could evaluation their strategies. via the way, Holy Cow, making use of a quote via somebody time-honored after an inane remark via your self would not make your fact any much less absurd. I make this element after seeing a number of your different posts on different threads.

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