Poll:Can you rate ur football knowledge on a scale of 1-10?

1 being bad and 10 being best.
Be truthful. I give me a 6 maybe 7.

BQ:Rate my football knowledge

When it comes to the Eagles – 9. I feel like I know every aspect of them, all their tendencies, the moves their gonna make. Everything.

When it comes to the rest of the NFL – 6 1/2 maybe 7.

BQ: 7 3/4.




On the Bengal’s i would give myself a 10 i have everything and know everything about them :O + the ochocinco app :O i bought it on the first day it came out
On the entire league a 9 im 10 years old but i breath for football i was bron to play sports but football the most

Its hard to give myself a rating without feeling like I’m giving myself to much, but I’ll say 7 for overall football knowledge. And an 8 for Packers knowledge.

BQ- A 7 sounds right.

Tough one but I’d give myself a 7-8- I follow football pretty closely and have since I was very little I have also coached youth football and I’m going to school for Sports Management so I have the knowledge of football but I don’t pay enough attention to the stats of all teams only Denver’s I pay close attention to. I learn something new every time I am on here so I don’t know it all.

BQ- from the answers I’ve seen from you I would give you a 7 or 8 seems like you know quite a bit.

No. I can not rate my football knowledge on a scale of 1-10.


I am very poor 4

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