Poll or survey ,have you ever seen this notice before on yahoo answers?

Hello Apprentice Knight ..

You have points, try answering questions to earn some points.

yea right lol answer mine to get some then babes

Message understood Apprentice Knight. I hadn’t seen it, but I have now.

i think of it fairly is rude additionally. I asked a query one time some plant I even have in a pot and all i desired to comprehend replaced into if every person knew the call of the flower,. It replaced into pronounced, i assume somebody thought i replaced into starting to be something unlawful….I wasn’t ,. it replaced into an unquestionably homestead plant. I dont’ comprehend why people try this! in the event that they have not got an answer for something they study, they could desire to pass directly to a diverse and not document something they dont comprehend something approximately.


I may have in the long lost past but right now i dont remember. Sounds kinda fishy to me.

No. lol.
Or did it say something like, &quot:You have 2 points, try answering question to earn some points.&quot: ?

I got

Hello, Sammeh =/
It is only a matter of time before I get you suspended again MU HAHAHAHA,
Love Yahoo! =)

No, though it states the obvious really.

Never had that one before,,

Nope. lol
I think they wrote it just for you. lol

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