I’m scared about war between in Israel and Iran?

I’m scared that there is going to be a war between Israel and Iran that will affect the whole world. I believe in God but I have been struggling recently with my faith and I’m scared that we may be extremely close to the end times and that I may not be saved when the end does come. Please help, I’m a nervous wreck.

Well, for one thing, this war if it were to occur would obviously will have no other parties join.

U.S. knows how much in a mess we are in just in Iraq, Afghanistan, and this would infuriorate the region even more, not to mention other countries that will take advantage of the situation if any other country steps in. North Korea could start, China could start, so its best to avoid any part in it and let these two duke it out.

Israel is charged for war and has been wanting it since its new politican stepped in. What Israel needs to realize, this is modern warfare, not how it was before, greater numbers, more weapons, missiles, etc., so it is a very different story. Iran also has extensive war experience with Iraq. So it is not an inexperienced nation.

Israel could not fight Hezbollah and they do not have fighter jets. So I mean this war, would enable them to become active as with other groups all at once. It would certainly be a different situation.

Other countries would more likely think of their financial situation more, and their people more, then to possibly get caught up in that mess.

Iran leaves me totally indifferent. israel scares the living days out of me.Damn the day when the state of israel was created. I don’t believe for a moment that Iran would start a war, but israel would and they would win it. The only reassuring thought is that they wouldn’t escape unscathed, unlike Gaza.

Apocalypse is coming
prepare to kiss your aS/s good bye

Israel would win, don’t fear.

Remember, WWJD? (apart from getting pools of blood everywhere and encouraging people to drink it, of course) Make a table probably.

If this does happen, I hope that the U.S., European countries, Russia, China, etc. stay out of it.

the israeli government is filled with racist psychos

Iran has done nothing, quit demonizing them

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