Spiritually Speaking, What should one do if asked to appear on the Jerry Springer Show?

Both my husband, and my cousin (who is also my Best Friend) have asked me to appear on this show. They said they have a surprise for me.

My cousin and I are also 8 months pregnant and due on the same day – I am concerned that since she is what you might call a loose woman (and unmarried too), appearing on TV with her would make me appear to be a woman of low character.

What should I do, spiritually speaking?

well, you *are* talking behind her back… spiritually speaking, of course.
Calling her loose and unmarried…

Make sure you are missing teeth, have a perm and wear tight cloethes, ( this was mentioned already) speak with a twang and since your hubby was *busy* he’s gonna be a daddy three times over.

* Secret: Your hubby’s gay, so is your sister,and no one knows WHO the father of HER baby is. *

LMAO !!!!

Oh,and Maury called, he’s rescheduled lunch for next Tuesday.
Geraldo also called: He said the DNA was 97 % positive,whatever THAT means.

Make sure you’re missing at least 3 teeth. I don’t think they let you on the show unless you do.

That and wear clothes a few sizes too small.

Don’t go to Jerry Springer and go to Maury instead, it’s way cooler.
I love this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQBXGuT_iAI&amp:feature=related

dont do it!
your husband is cheating on you with your cousin and she is going to give birth to your husbands baby.
thats what it sounds like to me. what other surprise could it be?!

Get your hair permed and make your husband wear a singlet and overalls. You want to make a good impression, don’t you?

go and then post your appearance on R&amp:S

Don’t go. Only idiots go on that show.

throw a chair at the audience when they boo you.

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