Is tumblr down for everyone right now?

I need my tumblr. But I can’t go on…I just would like to know if tumblr was down for everyone too, or what. Thanks ~

Yes!!! Gahhh! Noo!!! Its verryy fustrating

first i began out looking on the blunders exhibit with the earth shifting (maintenance exhibit) for like 10 minutes reason i wanted to yet now im on astounding right here and listening to song until its up back because of the fact i for my area have not to any extent further some thing else to do lol

Yes!! it says &quot:We’re sorry Our servers are over capacity and certain pages may be temporarily unavailable. We’re working quickly to resolve the issue.&quot: UGH

Yeah, it’s down for everyone =(

I feel lost without tumblr

down for everyone! I WANNA DIEEEEEEEEEEE

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