Why is America such a race hate country?

Hey as you might of guessed im from good old blighty ( England , London , the earth)
Im 13 and i have just always thought or wondered really why is america such a race hate country?
Im mixed race mums white and dads black. When i see america or hear of america or go to visit there is always racial conflict between black and white and even mixed race people about not being black enough or about accepting that are black or not white enough and Visa versa you know what i mean. It really irritates me a lot that the whole White VS Black thing was back in the 1960’s it was ages ago and some people in america just can’t let it go! In the uk we don’t care it just seems the uk seems to be much more multicultural than america and america can’t let go of the past. I know not all americans are like this because i have amazing gentle kind and lorelativestives in america and i love them to bits.
anthernthor thing back in the slave trade why Britainritan get the blame for trading slaves most of the time ? It has been historically proven that black people had a even enough chance in life over here and were treated just the same. Maybe someone needs to stop playing chinese whispers why cant this world be Hatered Free?! Peace out x

I don’t think it’s so much race hate, it’s more about the life lifestyle that most black’s create for them self’s, and most white people dislike there style of living, the lifestyle I’m talking about is the crime problem, here are the facts, most publicized gangs in the U.S are blacks, Blacks make up 50 percent of U.S. prison population. Blacks are currently 12 percent of U.S. population. Blacks commit 9 times the crimes of whites. (900%), I know the numbers are changing all the time, so this may not be 100% accurate, the good news is, there are more blacks going to college today then there were in the past years, Take a look at Detroit Michigan, about 80% of the people in Detroit are Black, so go-ahead and Google it, this is the great City, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWHdttx5U…

If 80% of whites distorted the City they live in, the U.S. would look like Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the atomic bomb.

When blacks move in to a white community, they are not upset because there black, there upset about the crime that follows them, I’m not saying that all blacks are Involved in crime or Gangs, but when you look at the % of crime with blacks, it does give people an eary feeling.

First, like you said, not all Americans are racist! Second, you did quite a good job making Americans appear like racist, inconsiderate, careless, mean, etc. people. Third, the &quot:White Vs Black thing&quot: was not just back in the 1960s, it has been throughout history, with many different races and ethnicities. And, a lot did happen in the 1960s with racism…the 60s were only 50 years ago, people in American do live to be over 50! Those people who are older than 50 were probably raised to think that black people were lower than them, and just because the racism topic has been settled for the most part it doesn’t mean that those people raises that way were totally changed in an instance. Change takes time and patience. The American people have greatly improved since the 1960s. There are always going to be people who see a different race as lower than them. And, to answer your other questions, this wold can’t be hatred free because there is too much hatred in the world. These people hate these people, those people hate those people…it is never going to end. We can try and try, but somebody will always be pointing their finger at someone else.

Amy, may I make a suggestion? How would it be if you were to concentrate on your spelling, punctuation and grammar for the time being, and leave the deep questions about racial conflict alone for the time being? Perhaps in a few years’ time, after you have done a lot of reading and research, you might be qualified to pontificate on this site about the slave trade and race hatred. At the moment, you are not presenting a cogent or impressive argument.

Not all us Americans are as racist as you may think. There are groups and people and individuals that seems to gravitate towards this useless endeavor….as, I assume, most other countries do, but we don’t condone, or promote it any more, or less than anyone else in the world.

Our media and our govt pretty much suck….so you can’t go by that. Mainstream people in this country are good, honest, God-fearing people.

Those that are not, are probably the ones you are having troubles with…..and….sorry about that. We can’t help that either really. We have to wait in between elections to vote out the leaches and vermin , so unfortunately we are misrepresented as a populace because of that.

Please don’t be too hasty about drawing conclusions.


I’m a Canadian who spent my first 25 years in the U.S. … there are more fanatics there than just about anywhere else except for a few areas of the globe that the U.S. labels as hotbeds of fanaticsm. Funny!

It’s not just race … the atheists hate the religious, the religious hate the atheists, the poor hate the middle-class, the middle class hate the poor, and the rich hate everyone. Men hate women who want to be whole, and women who want to be whole think men are the problem. Liberals hate conservatives and vice versa, same for peace-lovers and war-mongers. Let’s not even get into the gun-toters and gun-banners. And I mean table-pounding, yelling, red-faced hate. Crazy crazy country.

You are completely off base regarding Britain and how folks were treated once enslaved.

Go do some research and perhaps do some editing to your question.

Race relations in many countries is out of control. It’s all about power and being a product of history and institutionalized racist policies.

Proportionately, the USA has as many racists as any other country, we just attract more negative attention, France is actually worse. Do some research and see for yourself.

I just visited Surrey last month on business, I’ve never in my life seen more racism directed towards Muslims. Honestly, I feel your country is far more racist than the United States(despite the marginal difference in population). The US is simply more open about their racism, whereas your people tend to mask it.

You are calling the pot black, from what Brit ex-pats are telling me.
The US is divided because it helps the Democrats to maintain their power.

I’ve never noticed it…and when there is racial conflict, it ends with both people laughing with eachother.

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