If Bush and Cheney push us into a war with Iran, who do you think would win?

After three decades of festering tensions, the United States and Iran are now facing off in a full-fledged cold war.

Well, the US will certainly deal a blow to Iran, but Iran will have the backup of Russia and China, which means that they will supply them with weapons that may surprise the US…
And since the Russian have dealed with the Irannian to build a super pipeline on their land to reach Russia, it will also means that this conflict could escalate to another world war pretty easily! So its almost sure that if the US begin a land invasion, it will mean two things… Draft and WWIII, if they stick to surgical strikes the conflict may remain limited. But from what I heard, Israel is ready to use nukes against Iran on certain strategic sites, so the use of such weapons alone may trigger an escalation of this conflict that no other countries will support… So the US and a handful of allies will have to stand against the rest of the world… And since your economy is in shambles, not sure what it will happpened!

Yep, Cheney and Bush forced Iran to defy the world community and devlop nukes, yep, good point. LOL

If Russia and China jump into the conflict, like it’s looking more and more every day…everyone will lose.

Depends because Iran is not Iraq , the US will sustain massive casualties and might need a draft .

Halliburton, Kellogg-Brown-and-Root, Blackwater, and corrupt politicians invested in them despite divestment requirements.

Us but not without adding extra debt and making more enemies around the world including Russai and China. It would be hard to recover and childrens money will be spent.

It would be a different kind of ‘war’ than Iraq. And if Iran wants to play, we’ll flatten them.

Who would win? Send them all against us. All of em we’d wipe them clean.

Our kill ratio in Iraq is approaching 200-1, and if the damn commader-in-chief would pull off the rediculous rules of engagement on our guys it would be more like 1000-1. We are the finest fighting force this world has ever seen and if we let that dog loose we would kill them all.

Cheney, definitely. Bush is a lightweight.


But the rest of the US would lose.

the rise of the Christan flag over Persia,,,it would be bush as Cheney has a bad heart…you said between Bush &amp: Cheney,,haaaa…no worry,,Iran is nothing lol,,,have a cold &lt:war&gt: beer..chow freepress

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