Are anti-gay black Christians the biggest hypocrites in American history?

If you can’t see the parallels between the black civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s and the gay civil rights movement of the present day, you are an idiot. And if you think you should have civil rights because you’re black, but they shouldn’t have civil rights because they’re gay, you are a heartless monster. Don’t you realize that you’re on the same side of this issue with the very same stupid, violent, hate-filled, racist, white trash rednecks who tried to deny you your civil rights a few decades ago? Black people teaming up with stupid, violent, hate-filled, racist, white trash rednecks to hate on gays is like if the Jews teamed up with the Nazis to bash on you. Do you know what message you’re saying to the rest of the world? This is what you are saying: I’ve got mine now, so f*** everybody else. I bet you are anti-gay because of Christianity. Well, how Christian is that message?

Putting your bigotry aside for the moment I see your very under educated concerning the civil rights moments in the 1960s to the present and Christianity role. Christians many decades prior were totally involved with Blacks in the civil right moments led by Martin Lutheran King white Christians walk side by side with him ( you may never heard of Martin Lutheran King a Black Christian Minister) but these white Christan not only contributed vast sums of money but even their life’s so Blacks would have equal rights Especially in the hate fill Southern Democrat control states.

Despite your hateful rant it’s not to late for you to read the historical events in 1960s even an over view prior to and during the civil war era. When Abraham Lincoln ( a Christian) said slavery had to end his Army immediately grew by 100,0000 whites it all who despised slavery it is estimated 60,000 died in the vicious battles yet to come the end of slavery was their goal. This is all historical fact and if your not to fearful take some time do some in depth history reading not only of those years but to the present in the white and black Christian effort to continue what God and are Constitution that demands all people are to be treated equal.

Yes your right Christians are against homosexuality however it’s expressly forbidden by the CHristian Bible that we cannot hate others. If you had the slightness understanding of Christianity you would know this. Instead you chose low life rhetoric saturated with untruths it’s pitiful. Yet your young and probably you been fill with hate mongers agenda who love to prey on the , gullible naive and those who lack critical thinking skills for their hate fill puss agenda. Don’t follow mucks but be a leader for the truth. By the way those Black government officials along with these many multi millionaire movie stars etc many cry ab our race ism while making huge sums from Christian and non believers whites you would think they would share with the black community but all you’ll get from them and gays is crocodile tears.

How you can mix up Black issues with sexual preference is beyond.me


You tell them!



I’m not black, but you’re wrong. Being black is not a sin. Being gay is. Big difference.

Just so.


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