My Vista laptop won’t connect to my XP desktop Belkin wireless secured router! HELP!?

I have a desktop with XP installed on it hooked up with a Belkin Pre-N router and my laptop which is a Vista. I decided to secure my network via WEP and it will not work. I secured it via 128kb and entered my own passcode and such and all of the information is right on my laptop. When I try to connect, it says that my laptop has limited or no connectivity and will not connect to the router. The signal shows of the router that it is 5 bars (max). I have tried WPA security and it works, but I need WEP as I have another laptop(XP) and my Xbox via a Linksys gaming adapter yet to set up. When I unsecure everything, everything works, but I want it secured. I tried my other laptop(XP) with an old belkin wireless-B notebook card and put in the WEP settings and it fails to connect. Both my modem and my router display that it is connected to the internet and is broadcasting wireless. My desktop works fine, because it’s connected to the router via wired. If you need any more infoemailme

because a higher version programme cannot be runned in lower version programme,like wise your vista laptop cannot be connected to xp laptop as higher version of windows cannot support lower one,……..

Have you got the router only broadcasting N signals?
You can’t use WPA with your Xbox?

If you really need it to be secure then WEP isn’t for you as it was cracked years ago.

EDIT – If your vista laptop is connected to your router (wirelessly) and your router is connected (wired or not) to your xp desktop then that isn’t the problem. I have that setup and it’s fine.

If your router gives you the option of WPA2-Auto, use it as it works for both WEP only systems and those configured to use WPA/WPA2.

I have that set on my D-Link router because my work laptop can only use WEP and all of my other devices are using WPA/WPA2.

Try updating the firmware on the router, that might help

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