If given the chance, would you really want to be married to a celeb?

And which one

you said the M word, you drunk boy??? i dont do the M word

Never Getting married…

If i had enough balls to. Id like to marry Billy Idol! I dont care if he’s older than Holy Hell I want to marry Billy Idol!

But its not the biggest thing because you sacrifice alot for what you get in return which is really nothing.


Yeah if I could go back in time.
I’d marry Davy Jones, or Paul McCartney (post-Beatles so I wouldn’t interfere with their career), or Keith Moon. I wouldn’t let him die so young :'(

I think it would be pretty cool to have been George Carlin’s wife back in the 1960’s/70’s.

Not a chance of that ever happening. I like being ‘insignificant’ little me.

kanye west or
will smith or
neyo or
johnny depp or
george clooney or
hugh laurie

Haha, probably Keith Urban 🙂

Yeah, why not they are still humans.
But it wouldn’t be one of those slaggy ones, someone that fits all my criteria but just happens to be famous.

Yeah. Nick Jonas or Kevin Jonas

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