Help me understand the baby name section…?

I don’t understand what the thinking is here…people come on here for all different reasons…maybe they are trying to honestly find name ideas or get opinions because the are expecting, they are ttc, they are helping find ideas or suggestions for someone they know, or they have a genuine interest in names…whatever.

There are supposedly a lot of real moms on here…it is the net, I could easily lie if I wanted to. There are dads….teens…preteens…pregnant women….etc. But when people ask for opinions on names…even if it’s a name you think is the dumbest and worst, you brutally bash them for it! I don’t understand how if you are an adult and even worse a real parent, how you can be so rude to someone instead of finding a respectful, just as effective way to tell someone you don’t like the name they picked and why. People on this section can be so judgmental and rude and I don’t get it. If you are a parent, how would you feel if someone said horrible things about your child’s name even if it’s normal? Some argue is a public web place and they asked for it, they don’t have to come here….it IS a public place, they asked for opinions not to be BASHED! The hate in the world, the lack of consideration is just going to continue. No one is cool or bad a** by being rude and ignorant, you only look like an immature fool. If you don’t like this post or me then BLOCK me and move on.

Most recent example…a girl asked for opinions on Allura Chevelle….people said they HATE it, it’s ATROCIOUS, it’s a band or car right? etc. Why not google it like I did and say hey…I’m not a fan of Allura..here are some other suggestions like Alora, Aurora…and Chevelle was a Chicago band and a Chevrolet model in 1964 just and fyi.

Respectfully saying you don’t like it but here are suggestions. I just don’t get it sometimes…but yet we all cry for peace and love, especially for our children right…can’t even be civil on a internet board…pathetic

People get on their soapbox way too often. There are a lot of these &quot:Baby name experts&quot: who take themselves strangely seriously also. You wouldn’t say a friend’s name sounded stupid to her face, but you can on the internet.

Hating a baby name itself is pointless and childish, who on earth would have such strong feelings about a name? It’s not a big deal, really.

Overall though I think that no one should take it personally what random strangers on the internet have to say, the only opinion that really matters is your own.

I’m going to get a million thumbs down for this but so be it.

Because people like to say WHY they don’t like a name. Saying &quot:oh I’m not a fan&quot: doesn’t really get across why you aren’t a fan or exactly how much you dislike the name. I mean, that works for some names that there’s nothing major wrong with that someone simply might not like. If someone asked about a name like Isabella I would say I don’t like it and that’d be good enough b/c there’s no major reason. If someone asked about a name like Nevaeh your darn skippy I’m going to say I think it’s a really trashy and tacky name and that spelling a word backwards just looks kind of illiterate. If someone wants to take that as a personal attack, then I’m sorry they feel that way b/c it’s not a personal attack. If someone feels my answers are overly rude then they can block me or just ignore my response but my intention is not to bash someone. There IS a difference between giving a completely honest unambiguous opinion on a name and attacking someone. Saying I think the name is atrocious or trashy or whatever b/c x,y, and z is fine imo. A rude attack would be more like &quot:omg you are such a stupid fool for liking that name and you and your family are nothing but trailer trash.&quot: I think sometimes people get a bit too sensitive here.

Its the internet. No one should let people hurt their feelings over the internet because they have different taste. I myself often tell people I hate a name, or its terrible and they really shouldn’t name their child that. I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m just giving my opinion. If people don’t want the truth, then they shouldn’t ask for opinions.

I’m not going to lie every time I see a name I don’t like. If someone asks a question about Nevaeh Mursaydeez, then no, I will NOT tell them &quot:Oh I don’t really care for that name, what about Heaven Bentley?&quot: I will straight up tell them that I hate it, and I will also tell them why I hate it.

&quot:I don’t understand how if you are an adult and even worse a real parent, how you can be so rude to someone &quot: Well, I don’t understand how if you are an adult or a parent, how you can get so upset over a few WORDS said over the computer.

— ilfh

Uhh, why do you care?

People are people, if they hate a name then they will say it, i’m 20 and I do. I really couldn’t care less if they don’t like my answer. People are stupid if they are so easily offended by people disliking their names. If someone says ‘give your honest opinion’, then I give my honest opinion.

Tbh, I think your the ‘immature fool’ here, I mean come on, ‘block me and move on’, yeah right! You are provoking a reaction, i have been on yahoo answers since feburary and I rarely come across people being rude- the names you have suggested or whoever you are refering to must be pretty bad if someone called them ‘Atrocious’. Maybe if you really do care that much – dont ask the question in the first place!

To me, you seem like a little girl seeking attention. and yes, that was rude (and i rarely am rude)- but this question just annoyed me.

Because it is a public forum, people are free to give their opinions. If someone asks about a certain name and a poster really believes it is atrocious, why should they not say anything or say that it’s ok? They are stating their opinion and should feel free to say when they don’t like something.

If you are a parent you have the right to name your child whatever you want. But if you want opinions, you can’t be offended when everyone doesn’t think your name choice is as perfect as you think it is. Even if you posted a &quot:normal&quot: name like Sarah or Michael, there will be people saying it’s &quot:boring&quot: or &quot:old fashioned&quot: or &quot:ugly&quot: but they also have a right to their opinion, just as much as the people who are saying &quot:classy&quot: or &quot:lovely&quot: or &quot:great names&quot:

If someone doesn’t really want to hear what other people think, they shouldn’t be asking a bunch of strangers for their opinions, especially if they don’t like what others think. I don’t think it’s bad for someone to say they &quot:hate&quot: a name or it’s &quot:atrocious&quot: if that’s what they really feel. Why should they have to lie, just to not hurt another person’s feelings? If someone asks for an opinion, they need to accept that there are always going to be people who don’t agree with them at all.

It’s just like all the 14 year old girls on Beauty &amp: Style posting pictures of themselves in training bras asking &quot:Could I be a model?&quot: If they don’t want to know what people honestly think, they shouldn’t ask.

I agree with О№ОµОіО№О±. Everyone on Yahoo answers thinks they are the name experts/police. Is there a way to say you dislike the name without being disrespectful/judgmental? YES.
People need to get a grip and realize there are better ways of getting their kicks than bashing NAMES on the INTERNET.

It’s called The Greater Internet Douchebag Theory.

The Theory states
Average Person + Internet Anonymity + Audience = Complete Douchebag

I totally agree, people come on here to get help or ask opinions not to be criticized for their taste in names etc

Calm down. If you ask for peoples opinion then your asking for those kind of comments.
This is an open forum, anyone can answer you…you can’t expect every body to behave as you’d like.

Even if someone said they hated your baby name or it was just awful or whatever, did that hurt your feelings?? Really???

i see your point i am 13 and just love names don’t know why but some people can be dead mean if you go for something different, cultural or somethin

everyones got different tastes

i agree with ya 🙂 disrespect isn’t what we ask a question for !!

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