fiat 1.9 jtd, easiest and cheapest way to get more power?

Best bet is to &quot:chip&quot: it – i.e. replace the engine management chip.

BHP increase 105 – 135 and torque 205 – 260 which should make it a bit more interesting!


Whats the deal with everyone wanting to modify diesels?

They’re built for torque, economy and efficiency. If you want a fast car, instead of spending ВЈ2000 modifying your fiat, why not trade it in for an Impreza or a golf Gti?

If you have an endless supply of red diesel then I can see your point for wanting to stick with a diesel, but if not either accept it for what it is and leave it standard or buy a fast pertol car, you’ll do more harm than good by modifying it.

Sorry for ranting on a bit, seen too many people waste their cars over the years (myself included)

EDIT: Just noticed that I havn’t answered your question, Advance the pump, fit a K&amp:N (or similar) air filter and a sports exhaust, and chip it. That will increse your power for around ВЈ500.

Trust me, you’ll regret it when you’re engine disintigrates and your car instantly becomes worth ВЈ0.

Buy an old Jaguar.

Edit: That will work Nick, until the engine blows up. If you want a powerful car then why not just buy one and stop trying to make a baby car go faster.

Buy a tuning chip if you want to pi*s 350 quid up the wall for some crap variable resistor that fools the ECU into extending injection period then burns out and costs you 500 quid to get towed home

have you ever checked on your motor vehicle e book (in many circumstances the only you hold interior the glove compartment or lurking interior the motor vehicle someplace-is the place i got here upon mine). If no longer you will could touch the guy you got it from or a Fiat broker…stable success!

If you just want it to go faster you could push it off a cliff.

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