Did Anyone Hear Ron Paul’s Comments At The Debate Last Night ?

Whew !! And after reading several posts about how good he was, I’m quite shocked to say the least . That guy doesn’t sound like a Conservative Republican at all . There had to be seceral others, like me, who were watching and wondering just what the heck is this guy promoting . And then, Boom, one of the moderators said what I was thinking and many others just had to be thinking . He said something like , Are you sure you’re running in the right party ?. . . . .I say, Thank you Mr. Moderator .
What do you say ?

Yep he is just a liberal dem in republican clothing, my guess is he ran republican just to get elected in texas. If you notice all the people who support him her on yahoo are liberals who take time out from hating on bush to talk about how good he is lol. They can have him! We will trade him straight up for joe lieberman.

properly to be honest i think approximately 4 of them did properly and no person fairly appeared as undesirable as a &quot:demoncrat&quot: it is amazingly extreme as this would make or ruin the country. I be conscious that Sen. McCain stated they does not have granted amnesty and allowed as much as 40-60 million ‘on the spot&quot: human beings, yet why did not they get the be conscious out? it began notably stable till the unusual stuff started and that i remember walking back interior the room and questioning it is strange, this does not seem as though a conservative debate, extra like a liberal, whinny run Democratic debate, as I sat down and started observing the video questions i found out that the human beings asking the questions ought to not be &quot:conservatives&quot:, yet evil LIBERALS. So I did some artwork around the homestead, i think of the only question appropriate to the weapons became right into a conservative asking it. the fruitcakes interior the objective marketplace i did not see, yet from the information this morning i became into properly suited as a lot of those questions would not have been asked, yet as known the libs attempt to muddy the water on the real themes. i think all those human beings could be barred from Walmart. Take care. i had to function that the conservatives have depended on the democrats and continuously gotten messed over and final night became into yet another occasion. attempt and artwork with them interior the senate and that they are treacherous. repeatedly and that they’d’t be depended on. I expected something like that final night from CNN, if Hanoi Jane ought to not stand the &quot:android&quot:, then you fairly understand CNN is purely as treacherous. they won’t be depended on AND WE would desire to be VIGILANT in any respect cases OR THERRE WILLBE NO AMERICAS OR LIBErTY.

If you read a bit more about Ron Paul you will find that he is more of a Libertarian than a Republican. Which to me, is really not much different than any other liberal for that matter. Of course, the same can be said about Rudy Giuliani too. The Republican candidates don’t impress me much. It seems like the Republican party is becoming too moderate these days.

I’m still patiently waiting for Fred Thompson to throw his hat in the ring anyday. He is a true Reagan Republican conservative.

Comments and big mouths will eventually sink some with promise. Howard Dean is a prime example of that in years past. If Ron Paul can survive, fine but I don’t think too many people are worried as his chances are, and have been between very slim and none of getting his party’s nomination let alone become President.

He sounds more like a classical conservative than anything else. He sounds as if he is promoting as small a government as possible and a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

I don’t support all of his ideas, but it is sad that you think that Barry Goldwater-style conservatism no longer has a place in the Republican party.

Yes I heard it. Were listening to the debate with my father and mother. Both Democrates as of last night. Dad a WW11 Vet. I thought he was going to throw something at the TV.

Quite sure many were shocked.

I didn’t watch the debate but I heard he said America was attacked on 9-11 in part because of all the years of prior bombing in the Middle East and Iraq. is that right?

by the way Ron Paul never said he was a Conservative Republican did he? maybe he did, but he is a true conservative, far from the Neocons. He ran as a Libertarian in 88.

i think he tells the truth and Americans are delusional and willing to accpept the lies that politicians tell us, like we were attacked because they hate our freedom. what a bunch of bullshit that reason is. Osama bin Laden told us why we were attacked, support of Israel, suppression of Palestine, military presence in Middle East, but Americans would rather believe we can do no wrong and Arabs are jealous of our freedom and want to convert us to Islam, all of which is not true.

I agree with Ron Paul’s foreign policies. He was against invading Iraq from the beginning, thinks we should get out now.

His answers on the War set him back for the primaries. That’s been his major issue that divides him from the pack. Other than that, I don’t grade him as harshly as it seems you do. His consistent less government, less taxes stance is stronger than anyone else up there. I think he might be a good tiebreaker vote for the Senate (VP).

Ron Paul is a &quot:Trendy&quot: choice for folks who do not research.
Sooner or later he has to actually talk about his stance.
I think his 15 minutes are up……

Dude…. He showed his true colors last night…..

I was stunned when he said to abolish homeland security… and then when he said that 911 was America’s fault I almost fell off of my chair!

He is NOT the man for the job…. It was horrid!

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