When memories are too painful?

I’ve posted question regarding my husband &amp: I. Please either do not answer if you have before – or read the added info.

Basically we’ve been married for 5 1/2 months, I am 7 months pregnant, currently I am staying at my husband’s 2 bed house, which he shares with his 19 yr old son. I have an 18yr old who lives with my parents.

My husband wants me to live in my old house. He said then I can have my son live with me, &amp: there’s not enough room for the baby in his house. He wouldn’t consider a 3bed house as he likes this house &amp: his son grew up here. His son has confessed that he doesn:t like me being here &amp: misses it just being the two of them and my husband says sometimes he misses it too.

I’ve been advised to move back to my former house by answerers… but there is stuff I’ve not mentioned before. I use the fact the house is mould ridden as a reason: to be fair the house is mould ridden, the walls are crumbling etc… it is having work done.

However I also HATE the house. I was raped in the kitchen of the house five years ago: the attacker tried to kill me &amp: threatened to kill my son. My son was a happy boy till then: after he became a loner, I became seriously depressed, Even when doing well I didn’t like being in the house: i found it ard to ever keep on top of housework… it became somewhere to sleep &amp: almost a prison – but NEVER a home. I also then had to suffer my windows being broken four times since being there – the last time (last year) my bedroom window was smashed at 4am &amp: my bed &amp: I were covered in glass. I can’t contemplate this happening when a baby is in the room.

I’ve been contacted by the landlord (who knew I can’t stay there due to the mould (I have very severe asthma)). They had reports that a gang of teenagers were squatting there. They are going to try to hurry the work up so I can settle, though they didn’t know about the rape, &amp: suggested the memories were not healthy – they are thinking of moving me – maybe.

My husband is happy with this, he said hopefully I can get a better house. I so, so, so want to stay with him. I feel stupid saying i want to live with him, I feel like a gf not a wife. He still talks about us buying a car jointly (I agreed to give him the money) but it feels so wrong &amp: I can’t stop crying over having to move back there – even for one night – though I know I have to.

He hasn’t even told his son that the car will be joint — his son is trying to tell his dad what to buy… when I feel its nothing to do with him. I can’t bear the idea of spending Xmas here, as I don’t want to spend it with his son, when his son belongs, but I’m just a guest.

To make it worse hubby is going abroad, on his own, for a holiday, in a couple of weeks, so I’ll have to go back to my house as his son wants this one to himself – plus I’m measuring big for dates, have pain when moving &amp: am scared of going into labour early.

I am so seriously depressed now… I just wanted a normal life – but now I don’t know if I can bear it.

You are 7 months pregnant and your husband wants you to live in a separate home from him! What’s wrong with this picture? At 19 his son can rent a room somewhere or go live in his college dorm. How can your husband can even consider NOT being next to you every moment of the day when you’re about to go in labour.

I’m sorry but this is some kind of BS I would not put up with.

what is ur problem instead of telling ur problem u r telling long story ok from ur story i somewhat manage to figure out ur problem that ur longing for ur husbands love , go directly to ur husband and tell everything that has happened also tell u cant live without him , after that i hope u live happily.

omg sorry for my answer I didnt read the part about rape, thats sad love, contact the council and tell them you wont stay in that place.

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