is it better to use standard oil or synthetic oil for car engines?

I have a 1972 mustang and was thinking about changing to a sectectic

Susan, The real beauty of synthetic oil is how low the viscosity is at greatly redused ambient temperatures. What all that means is during cold starts in winter and summer the oil pump is able to pump a greater volume of engine oil to critical frictional surfaces fast. During cold starts is where 80% of all engine wear occurs it’s to your motor’s advantage to have lubricant quickly during cold starts.

Synthetic oil has better detergents to keep the inside of the motor clean. Far better EP (extreme pressure) additives to prevent internal wear. It also doesn’t oxidize at high temperatures readily as mineral type oil.

More high performance cars are rolling off the assembly lines with synthetic oil in the crankcase than ever before. It’s also naturally more slippery and you may be able to increase your mileage. If you do the switch make sure you continue to use the recommended viscosity recommended in the glove compartment handbook.

The two answers above me are excellent. If your car is in good shape with no leaks then definitely switch over to a synthetic oil. My 4runner has a 100,000 miles on it now and it still runs perfect. Don’t forget that synthetic tranny fluid is also better. The guy at the dealership said my engine is extremely clean with no sludge or varnish. No I have not added any cleaners. Just straight synthetic oil.

often a right this moment mineral oil is used in a clean engine for the 1st 500 or so miles. in case you elect it to final, run cooler with much less friction use a guy made oil. next time you fly in a jet and seem down on the engine, the engine is being lubricated via a guy made oil. Up there you basically choose the main suitable working for you.

my husband says if it’s an older engine with older seals and gaskets switching to synthetic could cause leaks.

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