If Obama’s father was not subject to the laws of the US, how can Obama be a natural-born citizen?

Someone on this site told me that even if Obama was born in Hawai’i, he can’t be a natural-born citizen as his father was subject to the laws of another country (UK), and not the laws of the USA.

So, does that now mean that tourists in the USA are not subject to American law while there? I mean, if a Brit goes on a rampage in Hawai’i, can he now just point at the police and say, Ha, ha, suckers….I am British: therefore, I am not subject to your laws, so don’t even think about arresting me? Or are Birthers just morons who shouldn’t breed?

Error in your initial statement… Obama’s father was subject to the laws of the US at the time of Obama’s birth… as he was within the U.S.

The concept of &quot:not subject to the laws of the US&quot: is for people with diplomatic immunity/member so of a consulate or other cases like that… where you are in another country representing that country in an official capacity and thus can pretty much ignore the country you are ins laws.

Obama’s father was merely a student in the U.S. so was fully subject to our laws. (And was for the full time he was in the U.S.)

Pretty much birthers have no clue about U.S. law. Mind you the anyone born on U.S. soil was never intended for some of the things it is used for, (such as illegals crossing the border 9 months pregnant to give birth in the U.S. to have a link for citizenship) but a child born on U.S. soil with at least on U.S. citizen parent was always intended to gain citizenship at birth.

If you are born in the USA, you are an American citizen regardless if your parents are citizens or not.

I’m sorry, but what you just said was total &quot:bullock&quot:. It doesn’t matter where you are from, you always have to obey the law of that country. So, with that logic you just stated, I am allowed to own a gun and carry it willy-nilly in the UK…I am American after all, and are superior to your laws.

Where ever you are born, it can be any country your a citizen automatically. Say a woman from russia came to visit A family member in the US and was pregnant. The baby would be concidered a citizen of the US. Your are subjected to any laws wherever you are though..

Regardless of your citizenship you are always required to follow the laws of the country you are in at the time.

While the term natural born citizen isn’t actually defined Obama was born in the US, to an American mother.

Please refrain from extrapolating off into sheer stupidity.

His Mother is American and the last I heard, women had equal rights. His father is not subject to American law because he no longer lives in the US.

Anyone that is born on American land is automatically an American citizen. It doesn’t matter what their father is or isn’t.

You know…by being ******* born here…

And how the **** would his dad be subject to British law by having a child in Hawaii, a US state?

I hate idiots.

In America if you are born on the soil, you are an american citizen.

The person who told you that is a right wing fake news, chain email victim.
Obama Sr.’s citizenship is irrevelant to Obama Jr’s Presidency, according to the Constitution.

If your mom only would have took the pill

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