How does Donald Trump plan to get Mexico to pay for his wall?

Donald Trump is a complete idiot and hypocriate. But how do you think he’s going to force Mexico to pay for this stupid wall he claims he is going to build.

He can’t just start ordering other countries to do whatev er he wants them to. Mexico isn’t one of his employees.

This man is going to destroy our country and our relations with many countries if he is elected.

Donald Trump is smarter than you think. Have you ever traveled the hwys from TX to AZ.There is nothing to stop people from crossing the desert from MX to AZ. For Americans that hire the Mexicans for housekeepers, roofers, landscapers,etc. get them to get their green cards and keep them up to date. What about a deadline to become a citizen of the USA in a certain amount of time.FBI-enforce the laws we have. People before you start talking about people you need to take a trip and experience what is going on.

We could do like the Mexicans do on their borders, use the military to guard the borders. Mexico even secured their southern border with walls. They know that’s it’s very important to have secure borders.

&quot:Obama Says Illegal Immigration HURTS ‘Blue-Collar Americans,’ STRAINS Welfare&quot:
by Neil Munro White House Correspondent www.dailycaller.com

Well there are a few ways that are possible:

Take it out of whatever support we currently give them.

Tax heavily any money being sent back to Mexico.

They already told him no, and we buy their oil to keep our prices low, I don’t think even Trump would want to see us with five dollar a gallon oil. You can’t tax illegals, because they don’t advertise their illegality.
You could jail their employers, in states where that’s done they learn quickly to tell the legals from the illegals.

We could stop sending them 750 million dollars a year and use it to build a wall.

In two years we would have 1.5 billion to spend on construction!

Hire the illegals to build it and charge them a buck a head to go home

he’s a clown. how could any reasonable person fall for any of his crap…nothing but a rich bully…im a vietnam vet and i resent him using the plight of loyal vets to try to get votes…he’s a disgrace

He will raise tariffs to pay for it as one method. He already said so. It’s silly to think he meant as if they were his employee or his slave.

pay, pay pay, but you’ll never earn your keep.

Trump just like to say stuff.

Either hes losing his mind or working for the Democrats


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