Why is it okay to eat pigs and chickens?

Why is it okay to eat pigs, chickens, cows, goats, sheep… and why is it WRONG to eat dogs, cats, and guinea pigs? They are all animals. In fact, pigs are one of the smartest animals in the animal kingdom (even more than dogs, let alone cats). Some people argue that it is wrong to eat rabbits and guinea pigs simply because they are cute. My response to that argument is, WTF? To me that sounds like you’re saying that pigs can be slaughtered and eaten just because you think they are ugly.

Don’t call yourself an animal lover unless you’re at least a vegetarian who doesn’t eat eggs. Plus, I think it is wrong to call yourself a vegetarian/vegan if you have an animal that eats meat.

I honestly don’t blame Chinese people for eating dogs and cats. I don’t blame people in India for not eating cows. I don’t blame people in Peru for eating guinea pigs. That doesn’t mean I’ll ever want to eat dogs and cats.

Now please answer my question. I think pigs, cows, goats, and sheep are super cute.

Cats cannot live on a non-meat diet so the little attitude to seem to have needs to stop. Its like you don’t even know someone or their pets and you criticize them! Most animals need food with meat. I mean, at least I’m not killing the chicken and cutting it up and feeding it fresh to my pets like some people do! I think its just as wrong to eat animals but other animals cannot sustain without them.

See the difference between us eating animals and animals eating animals is that we can sustain on SO MANY other things, and animals cannot. I am an animal lover, I am a vegetarian who eats eggs, and my cat eats food with meat. You will just have to live with it. I’m not trying to cop an attitude either.

Besides people will always come up with a reason to eat other creatures, so that they don’t feel bad for taking another living creature’s life. Knowing that that creature once had a family and a life and possibly kids, they need to think that they are doing something right. There not, but people have a right to believe what they want, even if they are terribly disgusting.

Pigs may be smart but that wont stop bacon lovers. I mean, people don’t even know that their eating genetically modified animals that are fed steroids to grow faster. The sick thing is is that some do and still eat them! This world is a terrible disgusting place where murder being wrong only counts for humans. The government likes it that way and the sheep listen to their master. Haha, I rambled a bit sorry. Anyway you get the point. And btw I think all the animals you mentioned are cute.

Well, it depends on every person. You might think. However another person might think they are really ugly and tastes good. In my opinion, everyone can do as they please, and believe what they want. I really love animals. Everyone of them, but I eat them too. I think its wrong when I do it, but then I think that because I don’t eat I doesn’t mean it won’t be dead, or that the world will stop killing them. Maybe people say that rabbits, dogs, cats, etc are disgusting to eat because it’s not they are not used to it. And I also think all of the animals you mentions are cute.

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