What do you admire MOST about Hillary Clinton?

A. Fired in 1974 for lying from the Watergate Committee for numerous fraud ethics violations

B. Travel Gate (unlawfully giving government money and travel benefits to friends).

C. Firing staff using false allegations to hire friends as replacements.

D. Watergate (receiving and soliciting improper campaign contributions for her husband, soliciting and received political and financial favors and tax benefits).

E. Allowing four men to die needlessly in Benghazi.

F. Standing in front of four flag draped coffins lying by saying We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with.

G. Stating What difference does it make? When speaking about those four dead men, and her lack of action.

She’s a class act, always the epitome of character, integrity and decency…worthy of the left’s complete and total admiration.

Perhaps she should invite John Edwards to be her VP.

You forgot to add. She was the Bosnian Sniper queen.
Thing I admire most, is that she has kept her skank *** out of prison
all this time,

When Bill Clinton told Gennifer Flowers (it’s in her book)
that Hillary has eaten more _____ than he has.

Could also be the surrealistic ease with which shameless, cold, unsympathetic lies spew from her cake-hole.
(like a vulture with diarrhea)
So very few can do this with a straight face, for it takes decades of practice &amp: a dead soul.

If, I did not know why she stuck with Ol Bill? I’d admire that, Otherwise her most admirqaqble trait is only one shortlived thing. She is no longer in government and can do no more damage,

For now.

She’s excellent at playing Hide ‘n Seek. Nobody can find her since Benghazigate, et al, have hit the fan! Either she’s gone to the mattresses…or they whacked her.

Wow, you really came up with a bunch of twisted facts didn’t you?
Travelgate for one was in regard to an old time aide to the press corps, who used to take funds and put them into his private account so the press corps wouldn’t need to go through the hoops for their money. Obviously not allowable. But the convenience and longevity of the practices made the press angry when the aide was fired for it. It had nothing to do with the Clintons at all.
The firing seems to be based on an awful lot of supposition and not much else.

Please detail C. No one is required to keep anyone on if their boss doesn’t want them there, unless they are union.

Watergate was a Nixon deal, between Nixon and Clinton there were several other presidents.

E is just more nonsense.

F. manages to make even less sense and I’m losing patience.

G. is taken out of context and edited to mean something other than what she actually said, but that’s so typical with cons I check those things out by rote.

I simply can’t believe you’ve chosen to display this much of your ignorance of history in favor of currying the admiration of others equally as challenged.

Her ability to protect Embassies….oh wait.

I know I can’t deiced which one to pick

Her and slick willy make such an interesting couple

How she is able to get away with all she does.

Including the &quot:fall&quot: which delayed her testimony and allowed her to perfect her rant against the dead Americans.

But, it isn’t admiration at all just utter disgust.

that she did not do a
Jodi Arias on Bill

The fact that she hasn’t gotten assassinated yet.

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