The Democratic and Republican parties are the two parties that have existed the longest in American history–w

The reason as I see it is this: they have been able to adapt to the changing times. Both parties have been very good at taking positions on issues brought up by 3rd parties, thereby gaining the issue and keeping 3rd parties at bay that might threaten them.

For example in the late 19th century the Democrats were able to fend off the Populist party by taking a popular position on the silver standard at the time. The Republicans did essentially the same thing with progressive ideas around the turn of the century with T. Roosevelt.

An example today would be the Greening of the Democratic party on environmental issues to off set the Green Pary. For the Republicans, there is a growing faction of liberty Republicans that is competing with the Libertarian party.

Yes, money is a big factor, but I contend that if the 2 major parties refused to take up the issues brought to the forefront by these 3rd parties, that eventually a 3rd party could use that issue to bring down one of them or at least make themselves one of the big boys.

I think that today Immigration is splitting the Republicans and the War is dividing the Democrats, those issues are going to have to be addressed by the parties or it will open up a golden opportunity for a 3rd party to do some real damage.

Money can win elections but only if the issues are being addressed by a major player because if their not then someone else will.

Because in America, the rules are set up to allow a two party system. The only &quot:third party&quot: to become a major party was the Republican party because the Whig party failed to take a stand on a major issue (the Republican party was primarily a one issue party- antislavery).

Is it possible for a third party to become a major party today ? Third parties have won local and state offices, but they have been basically regional quirks.

Part of the problem is that many of us who are independant minded ( I am libertarian) have given up on the idea of a third party and find it more likely to change either or both of the major parties from within.

It is all about $$$. That is all. Political Parties are private parties and not government entities. There are plenty of other political parties out there but the Democrats and Republicans have the most money. More money means more publicity. More publicity means more votes. That’s all. Simple.

well originally to two major parties were the the Democratic Republicans and the federalist. eventually the Democratic republican party split in two and the federalist fell of of existence. as far as why they have lasted so long I guess the same reasons good and evil have lasted so long. that’s gotta be it Democrats are good Republicans are evil. same thing as good vs evil but different names.

Because they are the only two choices. They have managed to split the country into two main groups and pit them against eachother, insuring they will be the only ones who control the government.
Unless we get instant runoff voting, you will never see a third party take control.

Because they have the funds to do so. That and unlike third parties, they are umbrella parties in that they do not just concentrate on one specific issue.

i won’t be able to help thinking that individuals’s political persuasion is inherited, like genes, and not reasoned. Jews would desire to incredibly be disproportionately represented between the storied &quot:a million%,&quot: yet they vote Democrat. the comparable positively applies to black millionaire entertainers and expert athletes. &quot:style loyalty&quot: spares maximum individuals, which comprise myself, the difficulty of learn.


money money money

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