Politically speaking, should there be a National Burning Flag Day ?

STOP answering these dumbasses

As a liberal, I am not inclined to deprive you of your perceived freedoms.

As an American, I hope you spill gasoline on your clothes in the process and set yourself on fire.

Have fun, stay warm.

You can chat like that from behind a key board, but you know better!


But maybe there should be a flag burner burning day.

According to the Republican Supreme Court, that is everyday.

I think it would be good for the country. We have too many nationalistic holidays, we should balance it out.

i dont know! maybe we should be a flag burning czar to clear it all up for us then we will know.

Stop with the flag questions…

Gives us targets.

Yes there should be.. on July 4th O_o

we have one at the American legion but you would not know anything about America

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