How are the murders by the UN more justified than Adolf Hitler’s?

Don’t call me ignorant. Avoiding the question altogether and just calling me ignorant for an honest question is well, ignorant.

I do not know that they can be. Killing human beings can never be justi.fied. We are all called to throw down our lives in defense of our Lord and Savior and &quot:Thou shal’t not Kill&quot: was the commandment. It that was never implied that killing in defense of anyone or anything was ever justified. Though it is a sin to kill, all sin can be forgiven where forgiveness is asked from our Creator aI have recently proof read a book that has since changed mylife profoundly. It wasn’t that its language was exceedingly complex or the style of its composition exceedingly elligant but none the less the understanding I received was simply profound. The author pronounces plainly that he feels he has received this understanding from what he calls, &quot:the universal source of knowledge&quot:. All I understand is that I cannot get the validity of its profound truth out of my mind. The book was titled, THE TRUTH &quot:The Illumination of Conscience&quot: it is by a first tiime published author Jeff Simoneaux. of New Orleans, Louisiana. He talks about this universal connection we all have to everyone else and everything else and how this connection made of pure energy is our actually real self and that the body we incorporate in the world we sense is actually only a disquise for this other world in which we actually live, a world we manifest along with everything and everyone else, a world that our very Creator is readily available to us, it is His world. I strongly recommend to anyone seeming to be missing out on what life is about and why we are here and why we are the way we are to read this book. I understand his website to be www.thetruthbooksite.com Give yourself a gift and go there.nd we have truly regret for having committed it even murderers can enter Christ’s kingdom.

Please consider this website and book which is so much more meanful to answer your question than what I could present to you here.

Well Hitler ordered the deaths of over 6 million people who were doing no harm to anyone (well not any global harm at least). And the UN, well I don’t know, but like the other guy said let ten die or kill 1?
But the UN isn’t (or wasn’t) trigger happy, if you ever saw Hotel Rwanda (which is based on a true story) UN troops are on thin ice regarding shootings, rationally UN killings are a tad more justified because all the representatives must agree so let’s say there was a riot in Los Angeles.
And UN troops are sent in to keep the peace, unless everyone including the U.S. (where Los Angeles is located), votes yes they cannot shoot, so even the country where the UN is shooting and or killing gets a say in if there will be UN action of that fashion, so we can safely assume (and hope) that things were discussed, weighed, and deemed justifiable.

hi, the justifications maximum oftentimes given are that Hitler believed that the Jews: a million.have been Communists (and that Communism became right into a Jewish political philosphy). 2.Had intentionally brought about Germany to lose international conflict a million with the help of wrecking the living house front in Germany itself. 3.Had brought about the super melancholy. 4.He believed a unusual and wonderful conspiracy that claimed that the Jews have been making plans to dominate the international. This had come out in a sought after sturdy e book observed as Protocals of The Elders of Zion. the 1st of those perspectives – of the Jews as Communists – became into additionally huge-unfold in many different international locations, alongside with Britain and the united statesbut maximum persons someplace else look to have taken this with a grain of salt. Cheers, Michael Kelly

I don’t know if you are ignorant – but this question is not in good faith. Murder means a malicious, self-serving, illegal act of destruction. The UN is intervening, trying to STOP a mass murder. Hitler was not doing that – he was trying to seize other people’s property and kill them to be rid of them.

I don’t think anyone could be ignorant enough to genuinely confuse these things. I wouldn’t call you ignorant.

This is what I think:
Is it better to kill 1 man than if that man killed 10 people?

Think about it, save 10 or kill 1?

Hitler killed people because they were either Jewish, black, homosexual, etc., which isn’t justified. Hitler killed those people because he felt they were far more inferior than to the Aryan race.

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