Do you ever wonder or think about your YA contacts?

I have really great YA contacts and i always wonder what they are like in real life etc…. who are the people who make me smile and make YA answers such an enjoyable place 🙂

Yeah, I mean it’s always great to make new friends you know? You can never have too many. A lot of people on her seem like pretty cool people.


Yep…they pop into my thoughts quite frequently.

yes sometimes i do wonder

they make yahoo what it is today

I hate them all for getting me all horny at work.

Or maybe I love them for that, I can’t remember.

Yes, sometimes I do.

not really. most of my contacts are just my contacts. we don’t talk.

i talk to some of them but most of them are just kinda there.

I wonder what everyone on here is like.

Yes, I sure do. Everyday – whether I’m on-line or not.

Yep, some are really cool.

I use their avatars as reference material when i’m alone


same. most of mine are hilarious ones haha

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