What kind of woman sleeps with 2 men in 1 day?

This is my GF before we hooked up:

She had a steady boyfriend of 6 years, while they were together, she also had the following:

She slept with one man in the morning and another man that same night.

She’s had 3 different &quot:friends with benefits&quot: -neither of the men knew about each other.

She has an ex-BF who drives up from San Diego to &quot:spend time with her&quot: once a month.

She has a &quot:f*ckbuddy&quot: she sees once a month.

She has another ex-bf with whom she spends a couple weekends a month.

She slept with 4 co-workers.

She had 3 one night stands with 3 different men.

She got drunk and slept with one of my best friends (she told me to &quot:get over it&quot: b/c it happened before she and I hooked up).

She slept with her friend’s mom’s boyfriend b/c he bought her a plane ticket to Vegas.

She also had a threesome in Vegas (different trip) with 2 Black men she met at a club. They were &quot:kind&quot: enough to buy her drinks and she was &quot:kind&quot: enough to give it up to them.

She slept with her sister’s husband. Her sister subsequently kicked her out and got a divorce. While the divorce was pending, she went to see her sister’s husband and spent the night with him. btw: Her sister has 2 children by this man.

She slept with 2 other men for 8 months.

She claims this is all in the past and she will NOT cheat on me, but given her history, can I trust her?

She says she wants to marry me and have a baby with me b/c she and are friends and I am the nicest guy she’s ever met.

My so-called &quot:friend&quot: who got her drunk and slept with her says, &quot:She has a drinking problem,&quot: and she only wants to be with me b/c I’m the most &quot:qualified candidate&quot: -I can &quot:take care of her and give her a family.&quot:

One time, we fought and I called her a &quot:whore&quot: and she began crying and screaming at me.

Should I overlook her past? I’m deeply in love with her but I don’t want to marry or have kids with the wrong woman and be &quot:suckered&quot: for the rest of my life. But, she makes me happy despite her flaws.

Oh please. You already know the answer to this… dump her and move on to another girl who’s list of sexual partners is shorter than your local phone book.

She’s a very sexual woman. That is what I think. She needs to get a handle on her sexual behavior, especially in regards to helping other men cheat by having sex with her. But other than that what is wrong with her behavior except that it makes you, and some others, uncomfortable? If she was a man nobody would be judging her.

It always amazes me that men marry a woman exactly opposite of your girlfriend, then complain that their wife isn’t like your girlfriend.

My advice: sit down with her and decide what you want a relationship to look like if you decide to go further with her. She is obviously one who can remain emotionally committed to you, but will always want to have lovers also. She is a open relationship and/or polyamorous type of person. You have to decide if you are too. If you are, great. If not, move-on and find a woman who more matches your needs and she can find a man that more matches hers.

and you want to be with her why???
sounds like your a decent guy, why not GET A DECENT girl? she sounds like she WILL NEVER change and sorry hon, your going to be taken for a ride. Having a kid with this lass will only put you in a hole with this little skank calling the shots and holding a child as a bargaining plea against you! Clearly you know this already. Sleeping with people all because they &quot:bought drinks&quot: or &quot:bought an air ticket&quot:, sorry but shes just a plain common SKANK. Do yourself a favor, RUN and very fast at that, look for a decent girl which you clearly deserve! they are out there! you just gotta keep looking.

here’s the answer to should you forget all this…

does she regret it all? is she 100% ashamed of this?

if not she’ll do it again.

the fact that she told you to &quot:get over it&quot: makes it seem like she feels entitled to do this type of thing, meaning she isn’t remorseful.

it’s your decision, if you really love her then marry her, but she will cheat on you, and if you can’t deal with that you’ll end up divorced, and no one will blame you for anything but marrying her in the first place.

You obviously dont have a problem with her as you are dating her.

You just get a woman with experience. Like it or not she learned more from all of them than you alone could teach her. Every guy wants a woman who knows what to do in bed, but few of them want to know how she learned her skills.

Your friend seems to have it right. She finally found a man that was still there in the morning and decided it was baby making time. Sluts like that are fun to play with but you don’t want them whoring up your life.

dude i feel sorry for you. go to the doctor and get checked for stds. This girl clearly is gonna cheat on you when you get married. &quot:you’re the nicest guy she’s met.&quot: she’ll take advantage of that and keep on with her twisted sex life. I’m sure she is currently cheating on you as you read you responses.

get rid of her

Shes just a lost child that needs better direction in life really skip the whole slut calling names because you need to look deep within and i firmly believe thats it.

despite my better judgment if she makes you happy that’s all that counts and as long as you can live with her past i say go for it but on the other hand she is a very sexually driven women and has a past of a whore i truly would feel gross just kissing that women

marry her and accompany her to all the places where she goes probably u might get some free drinks , air tickets. If ur considering a career as a succesfull PIMP dont lose her..

it would be an insult to whores to call her one ! she is just a nasty pig and if I were you I would run for my life. you would really want to have kids with this pig? you will always wonder just what she is doing and will never ever trust her.good luck with the STD&quot:s

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