Condoleezza Rice for president?

(Hope I spelled her name Right) IF Rice ran for president in 2012 would you vote for her? Obviously anyone who doesn’t vote for her would be because they are racist or sexist against her because she is a black woman. Would she want a ice rink put in the White House if she won? Are you a racist/sexist or would you vote for Condoleezza Rice?

No and she not interested either. &gt:&lt:

I’d vote for her to piss off conservatives. what the heck? ice rink?

Don’t make me barf. I’m not a racist or a sexist. I’d happily have voted for Hillary, and I did vote for Obama. But NEVER for Rice.

no way… I’m absolutely sexist and racist

I’m neither, and no I wouldn’t. Condie is directly tied into the worst administration in US history. Why in god’s name would anyone vote for anyone tied into bush.

I wouldn’t vote for Palin either.

No not a sexist, a feminist lesbian actually….

If I was Jewish, I wouldn’t vote for a nazi, even if they were a self hating jewish nazi.

No, she needs to be tried for war crimes. If they want Bush to go down, she needs to go down with him. I’m not a racist, I’m a half breed my damn self.

I would definitley vote for her.

no she has done nothing but feel important to herself

Nope. She’s an ineffective sycophant.

Thanks to her the war in Iraq will live in infamy.


kill me and kill me now

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