Would this pure and simple analytic proof gonna make crystal clear that Murali is a better bowler than Warne?

HeLLo EveryOne…. I”m back with Authority! And the Game is Afoot Again!

Here I am gonna prove with facts that Murali is better than Warne.

Now now If you make a simple comparison of these two bowlers stats you can easily realize that Murali is better than Warne in every single aspect.
Let’s take test matches first….

в–“в–“в–“ Mat_Inns___Wkts_BBI___BBM__Avg__Econ__SR__5wckts_10wckts
Murali 133_230___800__9/51_16/220__22.72__2.47__55.0___67_____22


Murali 800 wickets in 133 matches with almost 6 wickets per match rate which is f ‘n awesome! But Warne even after playing 12 more matches, has got 708 wickets which is almost 100 lesser than Murali!

And we know that average is the best way to determine the better bowler. Now look, great Murali has a brilliant average of 22.72 mean while Warne’s one is 25.41. That is not a difference of just decimals!

And see that Murali’s Economy Rate is 2.47 and Warne’s one is 2.65. So Murali has squeezed the batsmen better than Warne!

And the strike rate of Murali is slightly ahead of Warney too!

Murali’s best is 9 for 51. And he has another 9 wicket hold too. Bur Warney’s best is 8 for 71.

Murali has captured 16 wickets for 220 in a match against England in England. (155/7 and 65/9) But Warne is not even close to that best bowling figure in a single test match! His best was 12 wickets for 128 runs!

And Murali has picked up 5 wickets 67 times and 10 wickets 22 times! Let me repeat it…. 67 5 wicket holds and 22 10
wicket holds! But Warne just 37 times 5 wickets and 10 times ten wickets. Hmmm not even close to the great one!

So you would see that after that simple comparison based on the overall stats of these two, Warne gets zero points and
Murali gets 100% points bcz in every single department Murali betters Warne.

And let’s give a quick look at the ODI stats of these two bowlers…..

в–€в–€в–€в–€ Mat_Wkts_BBI__Avg__Econ_SR__4wkts_5wkts
Murali 350_534_7/30_23.08__3.93_35.2__15____10
Warne 194_293_5/33_25.73__4.25_36.3__12_____1

I think that there is no need to explain. You see that Murali has the better average(23.08) better economy rate
(3.93 which is amazing!!!!) and the better strike rate. And Murali’s best was 7 for 30 vs India (It had been the best
ODI bowling figures for a while) with 10 five wicket holds! But Warne just had only one 5 wicket hold!!! ….1 X 10!!!!
Does that mean Murali = Warne X 10…..(Funny!)

Head to head comparison clearly suggests that Murali is the better man?
What do you say?

Murali by a country mile~

Not only his TEST record ,even in ODIs
Don`t forget Murali has 530 ODI wkts too (Compared to Warne`s 290)

WISDEN too named Murali as the greatest ever..

&amp: WISDEN never said Warne is better than Murali..
True that once they picked Warne over Murali &amp: Sachin but it was in yr 2000 !
Murali &amp: Sachin achieved a lot after that..

Not only WISDEN ,even cricinfo website &amp: past cricketers like Viv Richards,Garfield Sobers,V.Sehwag,Rahul Dravid,Arjuna,Tony &amp: even Aussies like Steve Waugh has said Murali is the best ever

Stats too prove that..
When you compoare the two,

Murali have a more wkts(in less matches !)better bowling avrg,economy rate,more 5 wit hauls,more 10 wkt hauls,better best bowling performance in both forms of cricket.

But some Aussies say Murali has taken his wkts against Zim &amp: Bangla

now that too is a lie
Even if you compare the stats against top 8 teams only,

Still Murali has a better bowling avrg,economy rate,more 5 wit hauls,more 10 wkt hauls,better best bowling performance in both forms of cricket !!!

+Warne played most of his matches against Eng &amp: WI but Murali played most of his matches against IND &amp: Pak who play the spinners better than any other team.

Also Warne had the luxury of having great bowlers like Mcgrath,Gillepse&amp: Lee at the other end.
Normally they get rid of the top order &amp: Warne has to bow to the later middle or low order batsmen.
SO you expect him to have at least a better average if he is that good.BUT Still Murali has the better bowling average !

So there is NO ARGUMENT…Murali is the GREATEST EVER ~

Some great information here fella but can you find out what players Murali got out compared to Warne.

For example, getting a number 3 batsmen out is better than getting a number 11 batsmen out.

Can you also find out from what teams these wickets come from, top ranked teams or low ranked teams.

You need more information to make a correct 100% answer.

@True World Champions, controversies should not change your choice, if Sachin was a homosexual he would still be a great batsmen and your number 1.

Warne was better for me…

1) As someone has already mentioned – Murali’s record is inflated by lots of wickets against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Without these their test records are very similar.

2) The style they did it. Warne revitalised leg-spin and watching him bowl was like seeing a master craftsman at work. He out-thought batsmen the world over and had so many variations.

3) Murali’s action…Whatever the truth of its legality it casts a serious shadow over his achievements in my view.

both are great but murali slightly ahead because of his overall achievements

cheers~, anybody accuse murali , is just out of envy


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