long term relationships?

being in a long term relationship, do you ever fear that your partner will grow tired of you, or become bored with the relationship? how do you handle those insecurities?

because of this, i’ve had committment issues. but now that i think about it, long term relationships are meant to become somewhat routine–to an extent. if you’re in a long term relationship and you know the other person fairly well, it should be acceptable to become somewhat predictable–afterall, your partner DOES like you for those qualities you possess. it all really comes down to you–you can either let the relationship become boring and mundane, or you can spice things up once in a while i.e suggest playing a sport together, go on a long drive together, cook dinner together, etc etc. relationships are meant for you to get to know the other person better on evey level. it doesnt necessarily have to always be fun and entertaining–you’re there to build a special bond with someone, not be their entertainer. if the love is mutual, chances are it will remain that way, despite the routines you two have established together. in any case, a long term relationship is always worth a shot :]

I think the partner will always grow a bit tired and a bit bored, only because it seems that once he/she is so comfterable in it, it turns into more of a companionship. That is always a good sign of a healthy one, cause if you are not always fighting, and causing each other dramma just to keep it intresting, that is good. As long as the whole love of it all dosent dwindle, It will be fine! The more you say I love you the better!, In most cases, the more a person hears those 3 words, the better!

There is always that sometimes overwhelming fear that your partner will get bored and tired with the relationship. The only real thing you can do is keep things interesting, instead of going out drinking take in a movie or maybe visit a museum. Try to keep in mind to do things you both enjoy and enjoy doing things together. In the bedroom, I suggest trying and experimenting with new things, positions, toys and what not, just keep in mind to keep things interesting and you should be alright.

hello married cpl in a long term relationship here its very hard at times to have one we no this from experince bc when we 1st started talking in august 2006 and started dating in september 2006 and got married in december 2006 yet i no this may seem a bit odd or whatever to some readers but we are currently still married but still in a long distance one bc of his work and im currently finsihing this semster of school we do fear at times that the other will grow tired of eachother but thats where the trust issue plays we talk everyday and being bored with the relationship wed like to say it can happen if u let it but to keep it alive is when u do see the other make up for the good times by doing stuff togeather u didnt get to when ur apart and as far as handling the insecurties thats a tough one to answer to other than just try talking to them everyday if u can,if u cant do that write them a letter,or a poem or just send thema little card just to say i was thinking about u or just a freindly hello and i love u
theres a song i listen to right be fore i go to sleep and its called im already there by lonestar and sometimes when were online togeather we type the words back and forth to each othr sort of like finsih the sentence sounds dumb or whatever but it helps me

You will both grow that is inevitable. Don’t worry about it. Respect the other persons space, make sure you are growing the way your innerself wants too. A certain amount of relationship is luck. Enjoy the days you have. Don’t worry. It’s like paying interest on a debt you don’t owe.

I cant believe you would have t worry about anyone leaving you. I feel that you need to find comfort in yourself and not fret what your significant other will do, You need to enjoy what you have a given situation and make the best of it, This life is full of changes till we realize that and accept it , we will fear Fear itself, Hope my words are of some use

Yeah a lot of people get those insecurities. I don’t know how to handle them some people get restless and break it off but other people think of some more spontaneous things to do with their boyfriend/girlfriend to try and change things up.

yeah i feared that, then a few months later i was unexpectedly single

the thing is, you try not to think about it, and try to spice up the relationship, dont stick to routine

i’ve been with my boyfriend for 13 months!!! thats a long time. and i feel like that ALL the time!! you’ve just got to remember that he loves YOU! and if he wanted someone else then he would have already went to her!!! it also helps to talk to him about these feelings!! because when he says… &quot: baby you know that your the only girl for me on the whole world&quot:….. you kinda smile and feel wonderful for a while!!! lol!!

Hell no. My relationship with my wife is like wine. The older we get together, the better we are.

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