If &quot:God&quot: loves usand is so forgiving, why does he send to a firey hell for eternity if we do something wrong?


He doesn’t. That is just what religionists tell people to keep them under control.

Remember that Religion is man-made and Spirituality is God-made. There is a VAST difference between the two.

PEOPLE often forget they have brains when it comes to a topic such as hell. Oh, many persons will ponder on financial or other matters, but when hell is the subject they seem to prefer that someone else do the thinking. They may even push all hope of reasoning aside and declare, as one hell-fire believer did, that if he did not think the Bible taught a literal, red-hot, soul-scorching hell he would throw his Bible into the ash can. That is an extreme case. But it reflects a modern-day tendency to try to make God conform to man’s ideas of how things should be run. These opinionated persons go to the Bible, not to weigh all the evidence, but to pluck out a few texts that seem to support their view of things: and so new religions start. True Christians, however, will “let God be found true, though every man be found a liar.” (Rom. 3:4, NW) That is what we propose to do, appealing, at the same time, to common sense, as we let the Bible answer the question:

But does not “hell” appear in the Hebrew Scriptures? Yes. So let us do the logical thing and pry into the background of that word “hell.” Webster’s unabridged dictionary tells us that hell corresponds to the Hebrew Sheol and the Greek Hades. It also says that hell comes from the English word helan, meaning “to conceal.” So we have found that the early meaning of the word “hell” carried no thought of any kind of heat. It merely meant “concealed.” We have found, too, that the original Hebrew word, usually translated “hell” in English Bibles, is Sheol. Now what does Sheol mean? It simply means “a hollow place.” So the original Hebrew word perfectly corresponds with the original or early meaning of the English word “hell.”

Now that the clergy have put fire into the word “hell,” the vital question is, Did the inspired Hebrew Bible writers say that conscious life and red-hot activity exist in Sheol or hell? No, quite the opposite!

The Catholic Douay Bible, at Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10, says: “The living know that they shall die, but the dead know nothing more. Neither have they a reward any more: for the memory of them is forgotten. Whatsoever thy hand is able to do, do it earnestly: for neither work, nor reason, nor wisdom, nor knowledge, shall be in hell [Sheol, AS], whither thou art hastening.” So, since the “dead know nothing more,” or as the King James Version says, “the dead know not any thing,” it would be impossible for them to know conscious torment. And since there is no work in hell, how can there be activity, red-hot or otherwise?

That is a false teaching…
This is what happens when we die…
(Ecclesiastes 9:5-6) For the living are conscious that they will die: but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages, because the remembrance of them has been forgotten. 6В Also, their love and their hate and their jealousy have already perished, and they have no portion anymore to time indefinite in anything that has to be done under the sun.

(Romans 6:23) For the wages sin pays is death, but the gift God gives is everlasting life by Christ Jesus our Lord.

So our death fully pays for what we may have done wrong…and for inherited sin, which is the only sin a baby has…

So if we are fully paid up, there is no legal reason to be further punished
such as &quot:in&quot: hell…
In fact, hell is simply the grave…no punishment there…just a form of sleep until we are resurrected…

(Revelation 20:12-13) And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and scrolls were opened. But another scroll was opened: it is the scroll of life. And the dead were judged out of those things written in the scrolls according to their deeds. 13 And the sea gave up those dead in it, and death and Ha′des gave up those dead in them, and they were judged individually

It is ironic isn’t it, that these same people say the soul is something that leaves the body after death, yet, it can be burned with fire? How ridiculous. When Jehovah God condemned Adam, he said to dust you are and to dust you will return Genesis 3:19. Jehovah God never said: to eternal burning hell for you Adam. It is the same today, if we are given the eternal death sentence from God, (which I hope that doesn’t happen to me, or you) we would merely be dust. However, Jesus said this at John 17:3 taking in knowledge of Jehovah, and Jesus leads to eternal life.

When poeple tell you hell isn’t firey they’re right. The hebrew word she’ol and the greek work hades are translates either grave. The hell in the bible talks about mankind returning to the grave when we die. Neither do we have an imortal soul that leaves our body to exist in another level. Eccl 9:5 tells us this

It’s alot more complicated than just doing something wrong and getting thrown in the abyss, to understand it better you should read the Bible, because it says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god, meaning that no one is perfect, and we all sin, so does that mean we are all going to hell? No because it says in John 3-16 for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever shall believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Now what that is saying is that if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that god exists, and become born again you will be ok, as in everybody sins, but if you ask forgiveness, and try to strive to live by the bible you will be ok, nobody is perfect by anymeans, and everybody sins everyday, but that doesn’t mean your going to hell

You’re approaching this from an angle of man’s innocence, not his guilt, so naturally you’re going to see &quot:tests&quot: of that innocence, Heaven for the good and Hell for the bad. That’s more Muslim than Christian, devil on the left shoulder, angel on the right. Guilt and sin result in a need for a Savior, not our own actions in getting it right in any test. Guilt and sin always fail that test. Hell awaits save for the grace and love of God.

the bible does not teach of a fiery hell. it uses terms like Gehenna &amp: lack of fire figuratively to show complete destruction like what fire would do to paper. God is not cruel. the hellfire teaching is of pagan origin that churches has incorrectly taught as doctrine. Genesis says that dust we are and dust we will return. God did not create earth to serve as a pit stop to heaven or hell. that is why earth is made to sustain human life forever. don’t fret there is no bible teaching of the devil with a pitch fork awaiting sinners!

There is no god, heaven or hell. All of the hundreds of gods that have supposedly existed over time are imaginary. You should read the book &quot:The God Delusion &quot: by Richard Dawkins. Also see www.godchecker.com

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him may be saved.
The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

God forgives those who ask to be forgiven.

I apologize in advance for the fallacies in this analogy, but I think it will show my point of view.
Imagine that you create a robot, and you program this robot to help people. Then you find the robot doing the exact opposite of what you programmed it to do. My natural action would be to junk that robot and start new, but God is forgiving ,in that, He gives us a chance to an eternal life in heaven if we just repent and follow Him.

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