Each and every Harry Potter fans answer.

Who’s your favourite character from Harry Potter series?

Today Harry’s birthday and Neville’s Birthday.
So &quot:Happy birthday Harry Potter and Neville&quot:


Don’t forget J.K.:)

Fav character?Hm…Harry,of course,then the Weasleys (Ron,the twins,mr and mrs Weasley especially),Hermione,Dumbledore,Hagrid…..
*list goes on*…


Sirius and Lily

Nevilles Birthday is the 30.

Happy Late Birthday to Neville!

Happy Birthday Jo and Harry!

Happy Birthday Harry and Neville!!!

My favorite character is Harry!

Happy Birthday Harry!!!
Happy Birthday Neville!!!
and of course ,most importantly, Happy Birthday Jo!!!!!! without whom we would not be able to celebrate Harry and Neville’s birthdays.

My favorite characters are
1. Hermione
2. Sirius
3. Tonks
4. Cedric
5. Dumbledore

I know I have alot but Jo created so many likable characters

edit: I know Sirius was on there twice. that was me being absentminded

I have a few favorite characters- with a cast so great, you can’t have just ONE favorite, after all.

Let’s see, I always adored Neville (the movies helped with that, I love the guy who plays him), Ron (movies helped), and the Weasley twins.

Happy birthday Harry, Neville. I feel like an idiot saying that out loud… not that I’m physically saying it… but you get the idea…..

*shuts up*

Edit: But Harry and Neville have the same birthday…. if they didn’t, that whole prophecy thing wouldn’t work.

Yeah i know, Happy birthday Jk, Harry, and belated for Neville. My favourite: Dumbledore, Sirius , and Snape.

My favourite character is: Luna and Hermione (I can’t choose which I like better, so they’re tied for first: then it’s the Weasleys, Harry, Dumbledore, Sirius and the list goes on…)

Happy birthday Harry!!
Happy birthday J.K!!
Happy belated birthday Neville!!

Oh that’s a tough question to answer.
I really, really love Ron. Not only because of the movies, I love him in the books.
So I guess he’s my favourite character.
But I do also like Neville (Happy birthday!) and Tonks. I think she’s cute and I was sad when she and Lupin died 🙁

1. What do you call Harry Potter’s world? The Wizarding World, the Potterverse, Harry Potter’s World or something else? *I call it the wizarding world, simply because it’s not only harry potters’. It belongs to a number of other people as well. 2. Instead of saying ‘You-Know-Who’ would the correct term be ‘You-Know-Whom’? Why or why not? *I would give that a no because you-know-whom makes him sound a lot more frilly than he wants to be perceived. 3. What is your 2nd favorite Hogwarts house? *Ravenclaw 4. What do you think happened to the Dursleys after Deathly Hallows? * they probably went back to their normal lives. 5. Will Harry ever give one of his children his Marauders map, and if so, which child would he give it to? 🙂 *I would assume the oldest, and then after the oldest has used it so much they have it memorized (like the marauders, and fred,and george.) they would pass it on the the next oldest and so on.

That’s just so hard ’cause it always changes ’cause they are all so great even the antagonists, hm but right now it would have to be Luna, I like her airy personality and how she is a wonderful friend, she can turn any sour and gloomy mood into and make you feel better, she is also a very strong person, and I just love how everything she says nobody seems to understand in some ways I’m a bit like her.

Long live Harry Potter

Actually, yesterday was Neville’s birthday, and today is Harry’s and Jo’s birthday.
Seamus Finnigan
Hannah Abbott[a-bit or uh-bott?]
Bellatrix Lestrange
Luna Lovegood
Xenophilius Lovegood
Draco Malfoy
Ginny Weasly
Fred =P[R.I.P]

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