This is my first kitten, she is bleeding from her vagina. Why?

She is approximatly 3-6 months old.

cats go into heat every six months so unless you want babies around then i would keep her away from all male cats but if she is bleeding uncontrollably then i would take her to the vet
i have 2 cats who have parented a total of 10 babies … five each time she was in heat i kept 3 of the babies bringing my total to 5
also for every time the male cat hits it so to speak she has a baby so yes my cat got hit ten times 5 every six months
anyway i wouldn’t worry to much and i wouldn’t let her sleep with you or on furniture til it passes so the best thing to do is put her in the spare bathroom if you have one and make sure to put a blanket down for her to be warm
and to all of you who said gross …. I’m sure most of you are females and its not any more gross than you telling your best friends that its that time of the month for you
its a fact of life and all animals go through just as we do
so the best thing for you to have done is just not answer the question because it is quite obvious you had no legit answer for it other than you childish ones
to the asker good luck and baby her like you would want to be babied its no more fun for her than it is for us.

take her to the vets

It’s probably her first season…

This is my vet they should be able to help you http://greatlakesvets.com/

shes having a period ..she will get pregnant unless you keep her indoors.

That means she likes you.

Has the dog been happier than usual???

thats not blood, that’s ketchup: you should try it sometime!

Please dont announce it to everyone !!! You will go to Jail for things like that !!!

do you know about lost virginity?

She is inviting you to sharpen your pencil, silly!

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