TEENS: Let’s do the popularity survey again? :D?

It’s so fun doing the popularity survey, because I like to see which users are the most known. So here’s how it goes…

1) If you recognize me from Y!A, star this question.

Then all of you guys answer this question:

– If you got to chose the name for your future spouse, what would you want it to be?

If you recognize a user, thumbs their answer up: if you don’t recognize them, give the answer a thumbs down.

BQ: Is there any question you’d like to ask me? 🙂

Ooo fun.

Don’t want a spouse, so don’t have a name in mind.

It’s so easy to get infamy but so hard to get fame. Since the easy way is not always (and definitely not in this case) the best way, I chose the hard way. I’m pretty sure I’ll get all thumbs down.

I would like the name of my husband to be Kyle, like from south park the show. I love that show, me and my sister love kyle. He’s just so cute, what’s your favorite character from south park?

I am not that popular in here, because I hate questions about Sex and that is what I see a lot.

I know who you are based on your picture

If I got to choose the name for my future spouse…I would love his name to be Matthew/Matt or Jake. I don’t know. I find those names to be pretty cute. XD

BQ: Do you like cupcakes? 😀

Random: -Prepares for a bunch of thumbs downs- I know not everyone knows who I am, and I don’t
answer too many questions everyday either. 😛

Hahaha I’m going to have so many thumbs downs :L

– Michael or Micah. I didn’t want to name him my favourite boy name, because then I cannot use it if I have a son. So Michael and Micah sound extremely handsome!

– Have you ever been in love, or are you currently in love?

Sean Michael (last name I will not share haha)
Because that IS my future spouse.
I’d also go for someone named Chad Michael Murray…. if he looked like Chad Michael Murray. 🙂

BQ: Who is your BIGGEST hollywood crush?

Jose, Julio, Jamal, Miguel, etc. 😛 He he i wonder how many people reconize me

Last name Jones&lt:3

Naevia is a good name.

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