Poll-Do you celebrate halloween?

if so what are you going to be this halloween?and what will you do for halloween?

well am also from Australia , but here some of them celebrate 🙂

one of my favorite Holiday 🙂

my family despises it but i love it and i go as a vampire this year and im just going to hang out with some of my friends at a cemetery and we are gonna pig out on candy lol.

No i don’t as i live in Australia and it is not celebrated here.

I did when I was younger

if I do dress up, I’ll probably be a leprechaun.

yeah..i love it. I’m going to a super natural thing..don’t know all the details, but it’s going to be fun

Yes. I’m not sure of what I will be but I’m taking my sibling trick or treating.
Good Luck! 🙂

yes i do, am doing it this year and dressing up =D

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