Atheists blame God for allowing school shootings to happen. But why haven’t they done anything?


What hes saying is, Atheists are blaming &quot:God&quot: for causing the people to do the school shooting. Hes not saying they are blaming God itself, but instead blaming the idea of God. I have been seeing Atheists do it everywhere lately, think about the question before calling him an idiot.

Atheists do not believe in a god or gods.

We do not blame god for anything.

Some people may question a theist by asking why did god let such a tragedy happen.

What do you want to happen? A push for assault weapons ban? a ban on armor piercing bullets? I am for both of those.
I would also like to restrict hand guns, but that is not a popular idea.
I certainly do no want teachers to be armed, like at least one politician has asked for.

To the best of my knowledge, no massacre has bever been stopped or prevented because there was an armed by stander.

First, I cannot blame something I don’t believe exists for anything

Second, I can’t do anything. Yeah, it’s sad, but I live far away from Connecticut, and I don’t know any of the people involved.

Third, when I talk about God being responsible for the school shootings, I’m merely looking at it from your perspective. You’re always quick to thank God for something good, but say he works in mysterious ways when something like this happens. We’re just pointing out the truth and the denial of your position. That’s all. If the truth offends you, then maybe you should look in the mirror.

First off, if their an atheist, they wouldn’t blame God because they don’t believe he exists. Second, most atheists have nothing with school shootings so why would they do anything? Even if they did do something there will still be idiots roaming the planet shooting people.

Atheist do no longer blame God for the shootings. no greater beneficial than we blame Santa Claus for no longer getting us the presents we wish. besides the indisputable fact that, some atheist will element out, that if God quite is all understanding and all useful, He would have chosen to provide up the shootings. He chosen to no longer. So the argument right here, isn’t against the existence of God, yet against the existence of a benevolent God.

Theists blame atheists for allowing school shootings to happen. But why haven’t they done anything?

Well, considering atheists do not believe in god, it would be stupid for us to say that. I will ask you, if you religious people think god exists, why did he allow it to happen?

Why have atheists not done anything you say? and what exactly are atheists supposed to do? we cannot turn back time, we do not believe in magic like you.

Most atheists are against owning guns, most christian people are for guns, you could have done more to prevent it than us.

God does not take away the free will of others. If bad did not occur in this world, then none of us would have free will. Unfortunately, some people use that free will for things such as murder. I hate it – we all do. But we cannot blame God. He gave us the choice. In no way did he enforce anything on anyone.

A person must learn from the past. Because the past is the best prophet of the future.

Your first line makes no sense. Why would I blame a fictional being for something that happened in the real world?
Learn what atheism means. It means no belief in the existence of god.

How can atheist blame God when they don’t believe in GOD ?

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