Here Goes…. Haunted Apartment?

My apartment is haunted. No joke. I’m talking doors slamming, doorbell ringing, wake you up in the middle of the night haunted. HELP!! I feel like an idiot…do I call Ghostbusters???LOL

definitively, call harry potter. or Jaime Mausan


Ok, this kinda happens to me. First, Try and get a videorecording of whatever is making noise and such. Second, Set it up and go to a friend’s house for the night. Third, when you come back, bring siad friend and get the video. If nothing shows up, do it again until you have evidence. Just try and avoid the apartment in case the haunting things are angry at you for leaving. You might still feel uneasy there. My garage still creeps me out. Hope this helps!

I’ve experienced other haunted residences and what I say to the ghosts (i do not call them spirits because spirits are the people who have crossed over. and ghosts are the people who are earthbound and haven’t crossed over yet and usually they don’t know they’re dead or refuse to acknowledge their dead so they remain here)
I would tell the ghosts &quot:You’re DEAD. This is my place! Go to God (or go to the Light) leave me alone!&quot:
If they are hard headed ghosts and refuse to leave, call a psychic medium, so they can communicate with the ghosts and well &quot:help&quot: them cross over.
Or you can call a Reiki Master practitioner and they will put symbols in your house to eliminate negative energies and ghosts.

I’m also a Reiki Master practitioner and if you want to try me first (I’ll do it for free) I will need pictures of your house (the inside parts) of anywhere it’s haunted. I’ll do a distance healing &quot:energy cleansing&quot: of your entire house and hopefully it will eliminate the ghosts. It’s easier if you have a digital camera so you can scan the pictures of the insides of your house and email them to me.
My email address is [email protected]
or you can click on my nickname and contact me.

I wouldn’t recommend paranormal investigators (aka ghostbusters) or a priest because they’re not as effective as the persons I mentioned.

I hope this helps!

1st just out of interest where r u (like which country) r u faking it??? 🙂 i dnt believe in ghosts, haunted houses etc. but that is REALLY strange… -u sed it was an apartment so maybe any of the neighbours(i doubt) -maybe the devil or black magic(more likely) or voodoo(i doubt voodoo) of sum sort -angel(? :p) -go see if therz anything weird in the basement nd if there is ask wats it 4 anyway… -ask ur neighbours if theyve had any probs at home -do u have a good relationship with the landlord…duz he dislike ur family or anything about -i cant escape the feeling that it has sumthing 2 do with the landlord, the strange basement, voodoo or black magic and the bugs(even if the landlord seems nice he might be lying…i dnt trust him) do sum research on the history of ur house:who lived there, wat happend, any deaths, the landlord himself, the area at the time, ur previous tenants and see the other apartments surroundin urs… also check ones with the same landlord..i dnt like him(even thou i dnt even know him :D) -anything happend 2 u 2 do with death or any of ur family died -if u found anythings stange lying around on the floor not urs(black magic) -hav u met any1 strange from the streets or sum1 selling stuff from their own not of any brand that u didnt get along with or didnt like(black magic maybe a spell) -hav u or ur family made any new enemies ~ANYWAYS if the haunted stuff isnt bothering u then just dont bother but if its really getting on urs nerves just move and it i wish i cud be there !!! 🙁 i dnt believe its a ghost but good luck im still thinking of the landlord hhmmmmmmmmm hope this helpd

Sounds like my apartment but it’s all noises from the upstairs people. My cat likes to get inside the cupboards so I get a lot of banging cabinets in my house too.

I doubt you’re haunted, but if it makes you feel better, speak the word of God, and the name of Jesus at the &quot:ghosts&quot: that you think are there and order them out of your home.

You could call TAPS or you could do it yourself. By getting some Holy Water &amp: Bless your apartment. Good Luck…

Ask them to leave. Tell them you want them to leave in 3 days. Leave the lights on during the night. Normally they will leave. If not then you’ll have to call the priest or spirit guide who will perform an exorcism.

Call TAPS.


Call a Priest.

Call TAPS. No seriously these guys are good.

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